Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Wheel of Color

One thing I have not been updating you on very well is my painting class. So far it is my most favorite class, though when we finally are able to move into the new computer lab at the art center, Digital Photography (Photoshop) could give it a run for its money.

Anyway, since starting Painting 1, we have done 3 paintings. 9 if you count each painting from the last two projects individually. I’ll explain in a moment. First of all, I will show you the very first painting I did. This was mainly an exercise in color, so we could get a feel for how to mix color well. We had to make exact measurements with a compass and ruler so that all our wheels were the same size. You’ll be able to faintly see my lines still, as the only thing we painted was the wheel and the tonal chart.

Color Wheel

The next two paintings were two series of four in one, which is why you could say I have done 9 paintings so far. 8 of them were just small paintings. The first four were paintings of an orange, first a regular orange, second an orange using complimentary colors, Third an orange using warm colors, and fourth an orange using cool colors.


As you can see, I thought a bit more “Outside the box” than most students, and painted extreme close-ups of oranges.

The painting we did last week I do not yet have a picture of. It was similar to this one, only I was painting a stool. I will post that when I have taken a picture of it. I always wait till the paint has dried. Tomorrow is our next class, so I should be able to get a picture then.

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