Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Much News

I haven’t really had anything to blog about, so I haven’t posted in awhile. School is going pretty well. The worst class is my history class. That I have not been getting all A’s in, but at least this is not for lack of study. It is an extremely hard class. The teacher makes all the questions in such a way that it is impossible to find the answers quickly. The tests are open book, but that hasn’t helped one bit. The first exam had a two hour time limit, and I believe it had 75 questions. I wasn’t even able to finish the test before the time ran out. In most of my classes, (And I don’t say this to brag, it’s just a fact) I am almost always one of the top students, so If I wasn’t even able to finish it, I hate to think what the test might be like for all the other students. There’s another exam coming up this weekend, so you can pray about that if you think about it. For Joel too, as he is having the exact same problems as I.

Biology has been going pretty well. I did much better on the second test, an A. :) This week in lab we made yogurt. and then two days later we tried it.


It was nasty.


Painting class has been going well. I am loving it. No photos to share yet, but I’ll take some soon. This week we learned how to stretch our own canvases for our next project. A self portrait. Not really looking forward to that…

I’m having fun learning Photoshop. :) Here’s a picture that I decided to improve. :) It may end up on my photoblog in the future, but here’s a preview for now.

Zoo7 294

Zoo7 294After














I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It really looks like it was taken out in the wild instead of an indoor jungle! :)

Tomorrow I have my monthly Photo Club meeting at the zoo, so I will be getting lots of new pictures to share. I actually still have a bunch from last month that I could post, but I haven’t found the time to go through and edit very many yet. Hopefully I find some time this month for my photo blog. I think I made only 7 posts this month, and two of them were yesterday!

Well, I’d better go for now, I need to get up early if I’m to make it to the meeting in Omaha by 9 in the morning!

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