Saturday, October 1, 2011

Overheard at the Zoo

This post is in the same spirit as one of my previous posts, Little Kids at the Zoo, which you can find HERE, only this time there was some humor from stuff I heard adults say as well. So instead of calling it Little Kids at the Zoo 2, I just renamed it altogether.

For the easily offended, there is some crude humor. Kids say the darndest things you know…

Zoo8 603

Kid Number 1: Dad! Dad! Is that its shell?

Kid Number 2: Dad, is that its shield?

(Last chance, anti-crude people, you have been given fair warning!)

Kid Number 3: (After watching the rhinoceros stand in the water with its tail raised for awhile) “Why isn’t it pooping yet, mom?!”

Mom: (Holding back laughter) “I don’t know, sweetie.” *To her husband* “He’s your son.”

Zoo5 020

A man misread the sign for the Dama Gazelles. In his defense, he was standing quite a ways away, and the sign for the Dama Gazelles is written in a slightly odd font.

His wife’s reaction:

*Horrified exclamation* “Steve!” *To someone else* “Did you HEAR what he just told the kids they are!?”

He thought the second “A” in Dama was an “N”. Zoo8 781

This one you sort of had to be there, but it was so cute I’m writing about it anyway. There was a lady with a baby, less than a year old, in a stroller. She pushed the stroller up to the fence beside me, by the Red River Hogs, and there was one right below us, eating. The baby got so excited and almost stood up and began exclaiming wildly to the hog in baby talk. The mom listened for a while and laughed, “Wow, you’re just having a regular conversation there aren’t you?”

Zoo8 756

“Mamma! Look at the Goat!”

*Dryly* “That’s a gazelle, honey.”

Zoo8 833

“Hey! He’s got a mohawk!”

Zoo8 1051

“I want an orangutan SO bad!”

Zoo8 950


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