Monday, October 17, 2011

Zombies Are Coming

Mini rant alert! Anyone overly affectionate toward the undead should skip the next paragraph and just look at the picture. :)

Are you fed up with all the stupid zombie jokes popping up all over the place? Are you tired of all the inane references to the impending “Zombie Apocalypse”? Are you sick of seeing zombie references all over the internet, television, and pretty much everywhere else in pop culture? Well I am. It drives me crazy how such stupid things can overtake the culture. First it was Wizards, (Thanks a heap, Harry Potter) then it was Vampires, (Way to go, Twilight) now it’s Zombies. (Um… Not really sure what started that one, they’re just everywhere all of a sudden…) What’s next, Swamp Things? That being said, I am afraid I am going to do nothing to help matters by passing on this picture. Yes, it’s yet ANOTHER zombie joke, but it cracked me up so much that I felt it would be a good subject for another “Random” post. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on joining the zombie obsession (Zombie Cult?) but I got a laugh out of this, and I felt that I should share the humor. :)


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