Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Most Unwanted Music

Time for another incredibly random post. You are about to listen to one of the most ear-splittingly awful things you have ever heard in your entire life. But also one of the most gut-bustingly hilarious.

This morning I read this comic:


I thought the idea of Opera and rap was one of the worst, yet funniest ideas in music history, and I really wanted to know what it might sound like, but my brain just couldn’t put the two together. After I read the strip I went down the page and started reading the comments that people had left. One person replied that Opera-Rap had already been done, and posted this link.


This is so much more than just Opera Rap though. It is a terrifying fusion of Opera, Rap, Cowboy music, and children's holiday choruses. It is played on bagpipes, tubas, electric keyboards with the preset beats, harps, pipe organs, banjos, acordians and many other instruments that have no buisness being in the same song. This is 20 minutes of musical horror that is like watching a train-wreck with your ears. It is so awful, but so incredibly funny!

The opera singer can barely make herself understood, even when she is not rapping. I couldn’t understand most anything she said. The most hilarious thing I could pick out was when she was wailing mournfully, lyrics to a cowboy song, singing about "Miss Kitty" and going "Yaaaaahoooooooo..." very very sadly.

The children's chorus sings many songs, all to the same tune, joyfully exclaiming about shopping for Christmas, Yom Kippor, Labor Day, and Halloween. "AT WAL-MART!"

In short, you have to hear this! You will laugh your head off as you plug your ears. :D

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