Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Habits = Bad Grades

This week I got a terrible grade on my biology test. The grade I got was an 85. Some people would say that’s nothing to be ashamed of. An 85 is a B and is considered above average work! Yes, a B is a good grade, but it is not the grade I could have had if I had applied myself better, and actually, the grade could have been a lot worse. After I finished the test, I knew I had a very low grade. I was expecting a C at best. When I saw the 85 I was shocked. There had been two bonus questions worth 4 points, but I did not expect them to pull my grade up that much. As I suspected, the teacher had curved the grade. I wasn’t the only one who did terrible on the test, so she added 7 points to everyone’s score, bring up the student who had the highest grade to a 100. (This did not help some students, I think she said there were at least 6 people who failed, even with the grade curve and the bonus points.) I would have had a low C were it not for these circumstances.

So, in light of all that, we come to the reason that I am writing this blog post. I am giving up a lot of things that are wasting my time. I think that the B was a warning that I needed to cut down on the amount of time I waste with “Entertainment”.

The first thing I have decided to do is cut WAY back on YouTube. I’ll still watch things from a very select group of artists, MysteryGuitarMan, The Piano Guys, but I am going to go through and unsubscribe from almost all of what I watch. Anything that is mindless entertainment.

The second thing I’m going to do, is give up watching most of the TV shows that I download. Don’t worry Shaina, I’m not talking about any of the shows I watch with you. :)The ones I am getting rid of are any that are mainly just more mindless entertainment. Most of them sounded good, but really aren’t that great. I started them though, and I am mildly curious to see how things turn out so I keep watching.

Lastly, I have decided to get rid of my Northern Imagination blog. Lately it has become nothing more than a place where I share YouTube videos. Since I no longer will be watching much YouTube there is no reason for me to keep that blog running. If I ever do come across a great video, Facebook will have to suffice for my sharing impulses. Anything else I wrote on Northern Imagination, such as humorous pieces, silly rants, etc. will be perfectly fine here on My Random World. That’s where I started writing stuff like that to begin with, and given the infrequency in which I write them, they really do not warrant a second blog.

With giving up these time wasting activities I am going back to putting school first. I do not want a repeat of the last biology test. If I get a B in something, I want to get it knowing that I did my best. I don’t want a B knowing that I could have had an A.

I also hope to have more time now to work on my photography blog as I have been neglecting it lately. If I have time after homework and before I leave for work this afternoon, I am going to do some work there. I think I am going to go redesign it slightly. I don’t like having all my links down below the posts, so I am going to move everything to a sidebar. Unfortunately this means going back to a slightly smaller picture, but I’m keeping it wide enough that it will still be very large.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I felt like I needed to write this, because if I didn’t “Put it out there” so to speak, I would probably just revert back to wasting time again. This way I have a little more accountability, and am a lot less likely to go back to my bad habits. Now if you’ll excuse me, my history book is calling me.

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