Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Bit of Random

This post is for those who are not on facebook. You know who you are...
Cough!Shainasashasarah!Cough! ;)
Though if anyone else should stumble in here, feel free to read it as well. :)
I posted a couple of quips to facebook that, by themselves, I suppose they wouldn't make a really good blog post, but I thought if I combined them that it would be substantial enough to make at least a good brief read.

Last night I posted the following: "According to a coworker, I am "Just short of rediculous." So far the only responce to that has been Carla "Like"ing it and commenting, "I LOVE this!" I did not, however provide the context for the comment, so only those who read this blog will know why I am "Just short of rediculous," unless someone should happen to ask me on facebook, then I will tell them.
I was sacking groceries when the checker dropped a block of cheese, and hurriedly picked it up and gave me an "I didn't do anything." grin. I told her that at least it wasn't a jar of pickles. The man we were waiting on said, "Yeah, those tend to shatter." I told them that the other day I had had to clean up a jar of jalapenos that someone had dropped, and then later I'd heard someone else say that they too had had to clean up jalapenos. After I told them this I remarked "That wasn't a very good day to be a jar of jalapenos". The guy started laughing out loud and the checker laughed up a coughing fit, though, to be fair, she did have a cold, and told me I was "Just short of rediculous." I didn't think what I had said was that funny, but apparently they did. "Just short of rediculous." I'm going to have to use that somehow. I like it. :p

This morning I posted this: "My bottle of probiotics says that each pill contains 250 mg of "Kiwi Extract (Fruit)" like they were afraid that if they just put "Kiwi Extract" someone might think that it contained "Kiwi Extract (Bird)""

Also, a few days ago I posted this, and yes, it is all true. "Aren't droopy, baggy pants so incredibly stylish? Tonight I saw a guy who was so fashionable that his shorts actually fell down. Another guy was so hip and trendy he had to hold onto the top of his pants to keep them from falling down. When he left the store holding the bags, he couldn't hold them up anymore so he started doing what appeared to be a penguin walk. This man was the king of style!"

Recently I observed that, "Since chia seeds are so good for you I wonder how healthy eating a chia pet would be... " This ended up generating a very strange conversation - the best kind of conversation if you ask me. :) I'll transcribe the conversation for you here:


Carla Annette Glover - ROFL!!! You always make me smile or LAUGH Hysterically!!!

Carla Annette Glover - I think if you try it first and if it doesn't kill you.. Than I will... Have Eric try it and if it doesn't kill him... then I will finally try it! LOL

Jonathan J. North - It didn't kill me, but when I tried to eat it, it attacked me, so I sprayed it with weed killer. I don't think I'll eat it now, I doubt weed killer will be a very tasty dressing...

Jackie Galvin - Just make sure it's completely and thoroughly cooked. You wouldn't want to get E. Chia or Chianella from eating under-cooked chia pets. ;-)

Jonathan J. North - Judging from this one's temperament, I'd be more worried about mad chia disease. :p

Jackie Galvin - Or Chia Flu? ;-)

Carla Annette Glover - Wow... I love my friends!!!!

Jonathan J. North - It didn't have the flu. I chucked it out the window to make sure, and it just hit the ground. Yeah, it's a lame pun... I think I need to go to bed now... :p

Carla Annette Glover - lol.. great one :P


In putting together this blog post I've delved deep into facebook history. Some stuff I'd forgotten about is pretty funny, so I'm just going to add a couple from even before I started this blog. Last month I posted a quote from one of my coworkers. It might be helpful to realize that she is blonde, not that all blondes fulfil the "Dumb Blonde" stereotype, but she really didn't help advance the cause for blonde intelligence with her quip, "I've been here since ten this morning! That's like a whole clock face!" It must also be noted that she said this at 4:30 in the afternoon. This prompted laughter from Matthew and Carla posted "AWESOME!"

One post I made was about something that happened that day that was really cool, not funny, but the conversation that followed ended up really hilarious. I had seen a very small bird out on the front stoop next to mom's picher of sun tea. I went out, and the bird LET ME PET IT! I was shocked that it had even stayed there when I went outside, let alone let me pet it. It finally flew away when someone else came outside. I went back inside and posted about the encounter. This is what resulted.


Jonathan J. North - I just petted a bird. No, not a parrot, a wild bird. It let me pet it till Joel came outside too, then it flew away. Why it let me even get close to it is beyond me!

Jennifer Kallevig French - Alex sang a bird to death one time. Just ask her. ;)

Jonathan J. North - Like Fiona on Shrek? :p

Jackie Galvin - ‎'Petted'? Bad grammar.

Jonathan J. North - Yeah, I thought of that right after I clicked share. :p

Alexandrea French - Yes, true story. I did kill a bird with my singing. Just like Fiona. ;-)

Jonathan J. North - Did it pop, just leaving two little smoking legs? :p

Alexandrea French - No, but it dropped dead on the ground.

Jonathan J. North - Are you sure it didn't faint? Maybe it was so in awe of your voice that it just passed out. :)

Jennifer Kallevig French - Alex has a beautiful voice, but when she was little.....well......not so much. We really don't know why the bird died, but it did die right after she sang to it. lol!

Jonathan J. North - That is really funny, a little sad, but mostly hilarious. :p

Alexandrea French - I KNOW! I really did sing horribly when I was little, though. The poor bird. ;-)


Well, that's all for today's post. See what you guys miss out on, not having facebooks? :p
Tomorrow we will be going to a send off for Jared as he is leaving for Afghanistan. I will bring my camera, and try to get some good enough pictures to make a blog post about it. I also recently emptied my camera of pictures that I could probably use for a post. I posted them to facebook, but since you don't have one... :p Half of the pictures are from Jared's wedding, so I think I will definately make a post with those.

Edit: I have decided what to do with "Just short of rediculous." It's going in my "About me" section on the side of my blog. :D

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