Saturday, August 7, 2010

One day you'll appreciate your brother (Or Sister)

Did anyone ever tell you that? Your mom or dad, or anyone else who saw you fighting with your siblings? I'm pretty sure I heard it a few times growing up. It may have been from my parents, the tv, or from a book, but I remember what I thought. "Yeah, Right!" Those nasty little pests were nothing short of a massive pain in my rear. There was no way that I could ever learn to appreciate them, and I could hardly wait to grow up and be rid of them. (People who think little kids are innocent angels are sadly mistaken.) I'm not sure exactly what brought the phrase to mind this weekend, but as we said goodbye to my brother Jared as he deploys to Afghanistan, I remembered that phrase and how I used to think it would never happen.
But somehow it has.

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  1. Awe!! This was short, but sweet! It made me cry!!!