Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Random in my Life, A little bit of Crazy by my Side…

Yeah, I know this was based off another song, but this is the good one. Winking smile


Well, I’d say that was a sufficiently random way to open a post about randomness. Smile with tongue out

So today I got home from work and made a shocking discovery above my desk. James had decided to hold an execution using a length of my paracord. I was unaware that hanging was an acceptable method of execution these days, but perhaps that only applies to humans, and not gummy bears.

August 038

The poor guy never really stood a chance, but I guess I can’t argue with the charges James brought before the accused.

August 034

The notice of execution reads as follows: Hung on this, the twenty-sixth day of August, two thousand ten, for the heinous crime of being delicious!

This should stand as a warning to all sweet and chewy creatures out there. Stop being so tasty!


Yesterday I went to the new wellness center for the first time. It’s a really nice place. They have any sort of exercise equipment you can think of there. I chose a machine that was like a stationary bike, but the handles were different and the seat had a back. The seat was still not that comfortable though. Sure there was something to lean back on, but there’s still the problem of a rock hard bicycle seat. I suppose it wasn’t too bad, but I really could have used a cushion. As I got into my pedaling, I looked up at the TV. I hadn’t been paying attention, because I had my ipod with me and I was listening to that. What channel do you think that they had it set on? A talk show, or political network, like most places seem to have every tv set on? Something to motivate people to work out and get healthy? Something funny to take their minds off the agony of the exercise? No, no, and no. The Food Network. The Food Network? Seriously? in front of a bank of exercise machines, where the last thing people want to be thinking about is food, they set the TV to show nothing BUT food? The only explanation I can come up with is that they knew what the chef would be preparing and they figured it would kill anyone’s appetite if they happened to see it. The host of the show was stuffing some sort of suspect looking gloop into a bunch of giant shriveled up flower blossoms. He then proceeded to dip them into some sort of white batter and deep fry them. If I hadn’t already been full from lunch I may have lost my appetite. What kind of show was this anyway? Who in their right mind would want to chow down on deep-fried glop-filled flowers? Not me. I think that failblog would give that recipe a “delicious fail”.


A few months ago I had seen a site on the internet that was advertising something called survivor bracelets. It was a bracelet mainly for men made out of something called paracord. This peaked my interest, because I have been trying to find out about more types of jewelry for men. I like making jewelry, but there’s only so much that I can wear myself, so I’m always on the lookout for new designs for men’s jewelry. The bracelets looked really cool, and they were also functional. If you were ever in a situation that called for rope, you have ten feet of it on your wrist, ready to unravel and use. Unfortunately the site was a business site and they were selling bracelets, not instructions and materials, so I left and I forgot about it. Until a few weeks ago, when Joel began making keychains that looked eerily similar to the designs on the survival bracelet site. Joel had found tutorials on youtube and a site that sold paracord and had started making keychains. He even had a coworker ask to buy one off him, and he has since started his own “Mini-business” and even set up a facebook business page for them. I am now adding knotwork to my repertoire of jewelry-making skills, and am practicing a bunch of techniques. My first bracelet I used a rather simple knot. It doesn’t take as much cord as a survival bracelet, but it’s still something you could unwind in an emergency. I just took this picture and I’m using the SD card slot in my laptop for the first time! Isn’t that exciting? No? Well it is to me. I need a life. Smile with tongue out


After that I decided to try tackling a survival bracelet. I used a plastic side release buckle for the clasp, and I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.

August 033

I also have started trying the keychain designs as well. I got a bunch of different findings to use, mainly split rings, but I got some large lobster clasps, and a couple of Spring Snaps too. I’d post some pictures of those as well, but my camera decided to die on me, and I have no idea where the rest of my batteries are. Actually I don’t know where pretty much all of my belongings are since I packed everything away after our basement problems. I may just have to buy new batteries.
Anyway, It’s getting late, or should I say early, and I need to get to bed. I start my Drawing I class tomorrow. I will try to get my first school related post up soon, and I will be posting my artwork, for better or worse. It may not be the greatest work, but I hope to get better, and by posting it from the beginning, you’ll get to see the evolution of my skills.

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