Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Random Ramble

Today I’m doing something a little different with my blog. I downloaded, and am using, a program called Windows Live Writer. It’s a program specifically for bloggers. It should help me simplify puting together posts with pictures, video, etc. I’ll try some videos in this one. They’ll be from youtube as I don’t have a video camera yet, though I may get one pretty soon, because I will probably eventually need one for school. If it works I may post videos more often. Previously I could only do links to videos. I think this way I should be able to have them right inside my blog.
On a side note, Live Writer also automatically converts :) to Smile, ;) to Winking smile, :p to Smile with tongue out, and so on.
This is not exactly the post I had planned for today, but I have not yet been able to get my post together about Jared’s send off. I’ve been kind of busy. I got most of the pictures ready to go yesterday, and I was planning to write a post to go with them today, but one of my coworkers had other ideas. Or rather, his mom did. (Explanation in a second) So Jared’s send off pictures will have to wait till later. If I finish it tonight I will post the pictures before I go to bed, If not, I’ll do it tomorrow. I should have time since I don’t have to be to work till four.
I was awakened this morning by the sound of the phone ringing. Apparently one of my coworkers had forgotten that he had to work today and was at football camp, so his mom was desperately trying to find someone to work for him. I was not really in the mood to go to work right after I got up, so I told her I wasn’t sure if I had any clean clothes. (Not a lie, as I didn’t know if mom had been able to finish the laundry yesterday and all my Hy-Vee outfits had been waiting to be laundered) “Well, just do what we do.” She said. “Throw them in the dryer to freshen them up!” *Insert eye-roll from me here* “Can you tell I’m desperate?” she asked. So I went and asked Jacob if mom had finished the laundry. She had. So, instead of working on my blog, I went to work for the morning. The guy I was filling in for was supposed to get there at 12:30 to take over his shift, but he never showed, and I told them I’d stay and work for how ever long I was needed. I figured I was already there, why not make it worth my while and get some more money out of it.
I had an amusing incident happen at work this afternoon that I posted to facebook when I got home. I’ll repost it here for those of you not on facebook.

Jonathan J. North - “Today at work there was a woman going through the express lane who had what appeared to be streaked hair sticking out the back of a baseball hat. Very dark brown, streaked with really light blonde. A little old lady walked by me, looked at the woman and turned to me saying, "Watch out for that lady, she's got a skunk tail!"”

I about died laughing after she left. Some old people really are as funny as the ones on TV. Smile Too bad there weren’t more like her at Elm Crest.Eye rolling smile
After work I went to Pamida to get myself some new headphones. My earbuds started playing out of only one side last night. I hate it when that happens. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this since they had only cost me about two bucks. This time I got a good pair, (Hopefully) and they even came with a bonus pair of earbuds in a small case. I am going to try out the webcam on my laptop to show you the headphones. I just started figuring out the webcam, and it has some cool settings to play around with.


As I drove home I listened to my new album of songs from Phineas and Ferb, my current favorite cartoon. Smile I really like a couple of the songs in particular, so I have searched out the music videos for them from youtube especially for your viewing pleasure. Winking smile The first one is called “Queen of Mars” I have not yet seen the episode that it is from, but since it is set on Mars, I’m assuming it’s from an episode I read about where Phineas and Ferb help Baljeet make a portal to Mars for a science fair project.

Queen of Mars

The second song is the song that “Started it all” so to speak. Before this episode Phineas and Ferb was just your average show about two step brothers who secretly invent things, whose sister always tries to rat them out to their mother, and who own a pet platypus who is actually a secret agent whose nemesis is a deranged scientist who want to conquer “The entire Tri-State area”. Not a very complicated premise, is it? Winking smile After this episode the heads at Disney were so impressed by this song that they asked the writers to include at least one song in every episode. And they usually do, even if it’s just a really brief one. They are all really ridiculous songs, but they’re very catchy. This is probably the most popular song from the show.

Gitchee Gitchee Goo

When I got home Jacob informed me that mom wanted me to make supper. So I decided to make chicken tacos. I’ll post the recipe here. I invented this recipe myself, not really having anything to go by. (Jared and Eva, if you’re reading this, this is the same recipe you guys had when you were over here that you liked so well, in case you ever want to make it) Most bloggers, especially the more artistic/photography loving kind, would carefully plan out each step and take great photographs all the way through the process to artistically enhance their post. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time, and I don’t have anywhere with the proper lighting to take any decent blog-worthy food pictures, so instead, I’ll post a promotional photo from Hatching Pete, and a picture of a man dressed as a taco.

My recipe is very simple. I like to use a lot of mixes and canned foods when I cook, because it saves a lot of time. If I have all day, I do like to cook “The hard way” with lots of chopping, slicing, dicing, and what-not, but I don’t have many days like that.
You start with one can of chicken – don’t drain it. Dump it into the pot and turn on the burner to about 4 or 5. Chop up the chunks so it is in shreds. Then add one small can of green chilies. You don’t need to drain these either. Mix these together and add one packet of taco seasoning mix. Once these are heated through, add a can of black beans. These you do need to drain. And I also rinse them so that there isn’t any of the black syrupy stuff on them any more. If, when all these ingredients are blended, still have a lot of liquid in the pot, you can add whatever you’d like to thicken it up. I add chia seeds. This also gives you the added benefit of it being really healthy for you too. Winking smile Plus chia seeds take on the taste of whatever you add them to, so once they have soaked up the liquid and dissolved, no one even knows they’re in there. Perfect for picky kids who hate healthy foods! Then you use the mixture just like regular taco meat. You can add whatever you want to make it your own. I put some cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla, and spread the mixture over that so it melts the cheese. Then I add picante sauce, sour cream, crushed tortilla chips, chopped green pepper, and spinach leaves. Yeah, The tortilla really has a tough time keeping itself together. Smile
Well, that’s all I have for today. This ended up being a lot longer than I expected it to be. Hopefully more entertaining too. I may have to do more rambling random posts. The only bad thing about it was once I started looking for Phineas and Ferb videos I kept finding more and more clips I wanted to watch. The Disney channel has its own youtube channel. It’s called the Disney Channel channel. Redundant much? They have a ton of Phineas and Ferb clips, but also clips from Sonny with a Chance, Suite Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, and others. So I just spent the last… way too long amount of time… watching a whole bunch of clips. But that did give me an idea for future blog posts. With the Live Writer program, I also got a movie maker program, so I could clip out the funny parts from those shows and others for the days when nothing really interesting happens. I’m going to try not to be one of those bloggers who goes days, weeks, or even months without a post.
Now that I’m finished I need to figure how to get this to the internet… If you’re reading this, I figured it out! And if you aren’t … Then I didn’t. Just kidding

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