Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wedding

Well, here it is, finally. I was going to put these up on Friday, but I ended up having college orientation, then I was called into work, and I’ve had to work the past couple of days as well. But I finally had some time to work on this, so here are the rest of the pictures from Jared and Eva’s Wedding. These won’t be new to anyone on facebook, unless you never looked at them the first time, but for those of you not on facebook, especially if you didn’t make it to the wedding, these should be of particular interest to you.

2009-2010 376
2009-2010 377
2009-2010 387
2009-2010 4052009-2010 431
Eva’s Dad sang, and my Dad read a scripture passage.
2009-2010 446
2009-2010 451
Mandi just totally got in my way. Winking smile
2009-2010 463
2009-2010 467
This picture turned out horrible… Or did it? I liked how it looked, so I kept it.
2009-2010 4682009-2010 4692009-2010 470
Someone wasn’t too interested in what was happening that day.
2009-2010 476
They decided to try to go for some type of wedding kiss record.
2009-2010 480
And then all of a sudden I had a sister! Plus, you know, Jared had a wife, too… Smile with tongue out
2009-2010 4852009-2010 490
After the reception Steven, my brothers, and various people I didn’t know, all went outside to decorate Jared’s car.
2009-2010 505
2009-2010 521
2009-2010 520
2009-2010 511
Mandi, it seems you do this to me more than anyone. Smile with tongue out Though to be fair, if you’re doing it to me, I am automatically doing it to you as well. Smile
2009-2010 537
Eventually they got the car (Mostly) cleaned off, and they left.
2009-2010 540

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