Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jared and Eva’s Wedding Photo-Shoot

Well, it’s been a few months after the fact, but those of you not on facebook have probably not seen many, if any at all, pictures from Jared and Eva’s wedding. So my post today is mainly for you. Everyone on facebook has probably seen all of these pictures before, though they would not have had my commentary along with them. So looking at them again here, shouldn’t be too painfully redundant.

I am going to split my pictures into more than one blog post, since I have so many. My post about Jared’s deployment took FOREVER to upload due to the number of pictures. Hopefully this won’t take as long.

The first post will be picture I took of the pre-Wedding photo-shoot. These aren’t the official wedding photos, but they sort of give you an idea of what they will look like.

2009-2010 174

People are always doing this to me! Mandi, My dad, Some Random stranger across a room


2009-2010 180

I took this as the wedding party left for the photo-shoot. In a somewhat eerie coincidence, a couple days ago I was getting some pictures off mom and dad’s camera and I found this:


*Twilight Zone theme*

Oh, and I also found this:


Apparently people do it to dad, too.


Pictures from the photo-shoot:

2009-2010 2152009-2010 216

2009-2010 2272009-2010 235

2009-2010 2362009-2010 246

2009-2010 2492009-2010 262


I love this one. They look like they’re getting pretty tired of posing for pictures.

2009-2010 259

2009-2010 266

Again Mandi? Again? Smile with tongue out


2009-2010 288

2009-2010 300

Happy, Smiling, and:

2009-2010 308

Not so much…

2009-2010 312

That’s better!

2009-2010 330

What’s going on here? Is it their first fight? Surprised smile

2009-2010 332

Good, it looks like they made up.


2009-2010 345

I took a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture.

I wonder if someone was taking MY picture…

Mind… Blown…Disappointed smile


2009-2010 3482009-2010 353

2009-2010 363

2009-2010 366

Someone’s not cooperating well…

2009-2010 3692009-2010 371

2009-2010 372

I think someone is enjoying himself a little TOO much… Smile with tongue out


2009-2010 374

The End


Tune in tomorrow, or perhaps later today, for the next exciting installment of the Saga of Jared and Eva: The wedding!

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