Saturday, November 13, 2010

What’s been Up Lately

I haven’t been getting anything back from my art teachers, so my blog has been a little neglected lately. As soon as I have things to post, it’ll be back up to the frequent updates I was doing. I decided tonight that I would just write a general update on a few things that have happened. Nothing major huge, but I figure some people might be interested.

The first and biggest thing, is that yesterday I had to go and get a whole new wardrobe. I know. I was surprised too. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for years, but as some people have recently begun to notice, me not included, I have been losing weight. To look in the mirror I see no difference, but for the last couple of months people have been asking me if I’d lost weight. The first time it happened I got onto facebook and pulled up my page of past profile pictures. I looked at the oldest one almost in disbelief. I really had lost some weight. At least in the face. I was still very skeptical about my body. To me I look the same as always. I began to suspect that just maybe I had when I started having to repeatedly pull my pants up at work, even with a belt, and keeping my sweat pants up at the wellness center has become something of a problem. Last time I was there I had to just hold on to them the whole time I used the treadmill. Mom has recently been saying that cotton prices are going to skyrocket very soon, so if we needed clothes we needed to get to the city fast. I didn’t want to go, because I didn’t think I’d fit into a size smaller yet. She insisted that I get stuff now though, otherwise I’d end up paying a ton more money later, so I decided to go and just try stuff on. I looked at the stuff that was all one size smaller than I usually buy, and I thought to myself, there is no way any of this is going to fit me. But it did. Everything fit. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I bought nothing that was 2XL. It was all XL with a couple of Larges. (And one Medium if you count the pair of gloves) Smile


This was my very first facebook profile picture.


This picture was taken of me and my cousin Shaina a couple of years ago when I went with my friends, the Lamberts family, and my cousins to visit the Creation museum.


This is a picture of me with my friend Matthew Lamberts taken at a friend of ours wedding.


This picture was taken about a year ago on our vacation out west.


This one was taken a couple months ago after our trip to the zoo.


This one was taken a couple weeks ago for my blog. The difference becomes pretty noticeable when you look at this series of pictures. But I never noticed till I looked them up for myself.

Another thing I have done recently, is that I have gone to two movies. This is kind of big for me since I almost never go to the movies, but there was a movie coming out that I have been wanting to see ever since I heard about it. Partly because it looked simply amazing, and partly because I love owls. It is called the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga' Hoole. And It was an amazing movie. If you ever get a chance to see it, see it! My anticipation of the film was only heightened by the fact that one of my favorite music artists was the featured singer on the soundtrack. His name is Adam Young, but when he sings, he calls himself Owl City. I found this a very appropriate choice for a movie about owls. Smile

This is the music video for his song from the movie.

This is the trailer for the movie.

The other movie was a bit of a surprise to me. I had seen a trailer for it, but I had pretty much decided I’d just wait for the DVD. Until a couple days ago. My cousin Shaina told me that Sasha, another cousin, her sister, and Aunt Sherri had gone to see “MegaMind” and had come home to tell her that she and I would love it, and that we had to go see it. I was hesitant at first since I knew I would be going to the city yesterday for clothes, but I told her I’d call her if I thought I could go. So yesterday afternoon I figured I might get home in time so I called her from Wal Mart. She was visiting with a friend of ours, Carla Glover. Carla wanted to take her daughter to see the movie too, so we all decided to go. Shaina’s other sister Sarah joined us, and we all met at the theater. It was hilarious. It is a movie about a super-villain who finally defeats his arch-rival, a superhero along the same lines as Superman, but instead of being happy about it, he finds his life is pretty miserable. I don’t want to give too much away, but by the end of the movie he gives up his life of villainy, and takes the place of his old foe. There is so much more to the movie than that, though, so this is another one that I highly recommend.

This is the trailer for MegaMind.

After the movie was over we got out to the lobby to find that the rain shower that we had escaped into the theater to get away from, had become a full on snow fall. It was really cute to see Carla’s daughter’s reaction to it. This was basically her introduction to snow, so she was spell-bound as we looked out the window. She didn’t know what to make of that white mess falling from the sky. Smile

My last bit of news for tonight, is that I bought myself a camcorder. I am hoping to take a film-making class at school sometime in the future, but until then, I don’t know what I want to use it for. If anyone has an good ideas for me, leave them in the comments. Smile

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