Thursday, November 18, 2010

Artwork Update

I finally got some of my artwork back today. It isn’t anything very impressive, but it did take me quite some time to do, due to needing to mix colors to achieve the right shades. The first one was supposed to be a composition consisting of three or four colors that we consider our favorites. It didn’t need to be anything specific, it could just be an abstract composition. I did my four favorite colors. Bright Yellow, Hot Pink, Dark Purple, and Jet Black.
This is not completely accurate. My piece’s colors are far more vivid than here. They just don’t look the same on the computer screen.
The second composition was to consist of three or four colors we considered to be our least favorite. This was hard since I don’t dislike any colors. I chose three relatively gross colors to do, so the piece wouldn’t look good.
Today we started work on 4 compositions that use color to convey ideas. Last week we drew thumbnail sketches, and today we started the actual pieces.
We were given a list of words, and told to choose 4. I chose shy, majestic, diseased, and angry. He also told us to bring in a piece of fruit, or something without a face that we could transfer some sort of emotion, or personality to using color and setting. I chose an apple, because that was the only thing available in the fruit drawer. :p He said we had to do at least two different mediums, but I decided to do one for each picture. I am doing collage, acrylic paint, markers, and colored pencils. I bought myself new markers, and a good set of colored pencils the other day, so hopefully I will have better luck than with my cheap brand utensils that I’ve been using. The colored pencils are far superior to what I had before. The colors go on so much smoother and richer. I know they’ll work out much better. I also bought a small sketch book, so occasionally I will be posting some non-school related artwork that I do just for fun. I probably won’t have time to do many, but when I build up a few in the book, I’ll make a blog post out of them.

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