Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day On Facebook

EDIT: I updated this post in a few different ways. The new post can be found HERE.

I’ve noticed many repeated themes throughout the last few years of using facebook, and I was inspired to turn them into this post. This may be the first of many, as I still have ideas for new characters, and new things I could do with this. Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as anything more than a humor piece. I am not trying to single out any one person to make fun of. That being said, these are all based on various friends I have on facebook, (Or friends of friends) so you might see yourself or your friends here somewhere. Most of these characters are based on more than one friend as these qualities are often in lots of people, and some of my friends inspired more than one of these characters. So you shouldn’t be offended, unless you’re Angry McToiletMouth. You should be ashamed of yourself. :p


Joyful Exclamations
Unicorns & Lollipops!
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Whiney McDramaPants
The Werld is SO mean! I H8 Evry1!

Supportive Illiterate I LUv U Never 4gt that! UR speshul no matter wut ani1 sez!

Diggin’ 4 Dirt What’s up? Details? Txt me!


Rainbow Sunshine
Isn’t God wonderful?!
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Joyful Exclamations YES! So amazing! And He made bluebirds! I love bluebirds! :D <3

Rainbow Sunshine I love them too, Joyful! They’re such precious creatures!


Vaguely McDramaPants
Why can’t these people just grow up and get out of my life?! They never have anything nice to say!

Supportive Illiterate U rock! Dont let nyone tell u difrent If they doo their a CENSORED !

Diggin’ 4 Dirt What’s goin on? Text me!

Vaguely McDramaPants Thanks, Supportive! You rock too! <3

Whiney McDramaPants I know just what you meen Sis!


Joy Lyrical
Love! Happiness! Sing Hallelujah!” – FamousSinger
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Gloom Lyrical
Sorrow, Melancholy, Despair, Bitterness” – FamousGothBand
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Grammie Happy
Grandbaby 2 made an oopsie on the carpet! I love her so much!
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Rainbow Sunshine Grandbabies are such a blessing from God, aren’t they, Grammie?

Grammie Happy They sure are, Rainbow!

Joyful Exclamations I love babies!!!


Angry McToiletMouth
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Supportive Illiterate Ya! U Tel then! Ur awesum! Don’t let the h8ters gt u down!


Joyful Exclamations
Thumbsup1You Like This


T. M. Info
Woah! I tottally ate too much beans and now I have serious gas! LoLz!!!
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Supportive Illiterate Ur so funy TM! Luv U!


R. W. Republicrazy
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Lefty T. Parrot YOU RACSIT CENSORED !!!!


Mamma Frazzled
ACK! Kid #1 Just ate a bug while Kid #2 ate a scoop of sand! I can’t turn my back for a second!
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Joyful Exclamations Your kids are so funny!!! I love them!!!
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Literate Quoter
“To read, is to become much smarter than you.” – FamousDeadGuy
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Fanny LuvSports
WE’RE #1!!! YAY SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Franky Sportsfreak
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Rabid Liberal
Gobama! WOO!!!!!!! U never do anything rong!
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Lefty T. Parrot You are so right! Those Tea CENSORED s  CENSORED !!!

Indie Pendant Well, I think Obama has made a serious error in judgment here, but it can’t be easy doing his job.

Lefty T. Parrot Who asked you, you Right-wing CENSORED ?!?!

Indie Pendant I am no Republican! Why can’t we all just get along?


Rabid Liberal Stop posting this garbage on my page!

R. W. Republicrazy HE HAS MONKEY EARS!!!!! :D

Rabid Liberal CENSORED
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Joyful Exclamations
I LOVE LIFE!!!!!  :D <3 <3<3
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