Monday, November 7, 2011

An Almost Perfect Picture

When I go to the zoo, sometimes I will get one picture that I instantly know I have something special. Saturday I almost got that. Well, technically I DID get it, but it could have been just a little bit better. It probably won’t surprise you to find out that it involves a giraffe. :)

To my knowledge the big male giraffe never goes outside. At least I’ve never seen him out there. After I’d photographed the other giraffes for awhile I went inside to see him. I had never noticed before, but up on the wall they have a water trough for the giraffes to drink from when they are inside. It’s a lot easier for them to drink that way than they’d have to do in the wild. Here’s a picture I took a couple months ago, so you can see for yourself.

Zoo7 204

As you can imagine, this is one of the few times they are vulnerable to predators, plus it just looks uncomfortable. So the high trough make a lot of sense.

Zoo9 046

As I was taking a few shots of him drinking, I didn’t even notice a zookeeper walk in. She entered the shot, and kissed him on the nose! It was so sweet! That is where the “Almost” comes in. I got a shot as she leaned in, and one after, but no actual kiss.





Regardless of not getting a shot of the kiss, I still LOVE the before shot. :) I’ve been contemplating putting it on my photography blog all by itself, I love it that much. :) Barring the chance of taking a better picture between now and next year, I think it will definitely be one of my entries in the photography contest at the fair next year. :)

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