Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Nightmare is Over!

Well, the day that I have been dreading all semester has come and gone. Do you remember what I said I did not want to do? Here’s a hint, Biology. Here’s a second hint, Baby Pigs. Yeah. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as my imagination had made it out to be. I still wouldn’t in a million years choose to do it over again, but it wasn’t as dreadful as I had thought it would be. It was made a whole lot less awful by the fact that there was only one pig per table and another guy at my table wanted to be the one wielding the scalpel. So I didn’t have to do any of the slicing and dicing. I still had to watch and help find organs, but I was ok with that. The actual cutting was what I wanted to avoid. So I’m quite happy that that is behind me now. :)

On another positive note, our Photoshop class has FINALLY have moved into the Mac lab at the art center! Of course, we’re two thirds of the way through the class, now, but at least we get some time in there before the semester ends… Today we pretty much learned the basics of how to use a Mac. It was very easy. And fun too. When I have enough money I’ll be switching permanently to using Mac products.

In painting class we’ve done quite a few more paintings, but I haven’t gotten photos of any of them yet. I don’t want to photograph them while they’re still wet, and I haven’t seen them after they’ve dried to take pictures. Which is for the best in the case of my self portrait. I look like I have leprosy. When I get it home I’m repainting anything that has skin tone. And this time I’ll be using store bought pre-mixed flesh tone. I won’t be attempting to mix my own skin colors anymore…

Well that’s about all the interesting school news I have for now. One of these days I will get my paintings posted. It may not be till the end of the semester, but I will post them! :) What I won’t be posting is pictures of us dissecting pig fetuses. No one wants to see that…

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