Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Card!

My latest Photoshop project for school was to design something using pictures and text. Our teacher suggested a magazine cover, but he said it could be anything, book/CD/DVD cover, or even something more useful, like a Christmas card. I went with a Christmas card. I’m not really sure who I’d want to send this to though. It would have to be someone with as weird a sense of humor as me… :p Here is the cover of the card.

Card Front

I wanted to incorporate my own photography into the card. No stock images from me! :) Doesn’t look too extraordinary does it? I wanted it to look like your average 99 cent card at Dollar General. Nothing too special. Until you open it. Here’s what the recipient would find inside…

Card Inside

The story behind this picture isn’t one I ever shared on my blog but my facebook friends may remember a few years ago when I came upon a burning car and stopped to take pictures. I have no idea where the original files for those pictures went, so I was so glad that I had posted them to facebook so I could retrieve them there! Once I came up with this weird card idea, I just had to make it.

And of course, no card would be complete without a back.


The little holly berries I made myself in Photoshop too. I’d never done anything like that before, so I was happy they turned out so well.

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