Friday, December 2, 2011

Facebook Friends #1

As you may notice I have completely updated the look of my blog again to reflect the change of season. I also wanted to change the font. I discovered the Calibri font when I did my first facebook friends post and I decided to make a permanent change to all of my blog, not just for the facebook friends posts. I really like it a lot better than Ariel. But you may not have even noticed. Here’s a comparison so you can see what I mean.

Old text. Blugh. Boring.
New text! Not Boring!

Now, to the main reason for today’s post…
After I wrote the first Facebook Friends post, I still had more ideas for things I could have done, and a few days later I looked at my stats page, and I had about 3 times as many hits on that post as I normally get on the average post. Plus, certain people, (You know who you are ;) ) loved it so much they apparently kept quoting it long after they read it and wanted more. So, I have decided to continue writing them, and I will probably make this a semi-regular series and post new ones as I come up with them.
Now, to all those who have been patiently waiting, I’m sorry if this seems like a cop out… This is not quite the next installment of the Facebook Friends series. Not yet anyway. I am reposting the first “Day on Facebook” post with a few updates. Read on for the reasons.
Unfortunately, after I wrote quite a bit of the next post, something happened and it was erased, so I had to start over again on quite a bit of it. I am about done with it (Again) but until I finish, I decided to republish the first one, because I am making a few changes to the series. Mainly names. The most insignificant is changing the spelling of Franky to Frankie, mainly because spell check keeps telling me it’s wrong and that annoys me. :p
There are also three other characters who get complete name changes as well. The reason for these are as follows:
Supportive Illiterate. I never liked that I named her Supportive. I only named her that because I wanted the reader to know that her main function was to be supportive, but it really doesn’t work as a name. Plus after I posted it I started thinking of other ways I could use the character. Naming her Supportive kind of limits her uses. So I decided to just scrap it and name her Izzy. Izzy Illiterate. I think it really rolls off the tongue better anyway. :)
Literate Quoter was another one that I just didn’t like the name. Mainly the last name. Quoter sounds dumb to me, but I wasn’t giving names too much thought as I wrote out the first post. I just typed out the first thing that popped into my head. I wanted a name that meant he was a well read person who quoted things. So he was Literate Quoter. So to fix this, he has now become Lorenzo Literate. This means I can use him for more than just quotes as well. I see him as a rather snobby character, and I want to have more options later on.
The name Diggin’ 4 Dirt really started bugging me after I published the post. Mainly because I had her middle name as a numeral, but also, I just didn’t like Diggin’ as a first name. And it sounded like a chat room handle. If this was a chat room spoof it would be a perfect name, but this is facebook, and I wanted something that sounded just a little bit more real. After agonizing over a good name for a very long time, I finally decided to completely change it. Her name is now Nellie Nosey.
After I decided on these name changes, I noticed something that each of them has in common. I guess I am quite partial to alliterations. :)
In addition to these name changes, I am also adding a few new characters. There will be more new characters introduced in the next installment, but for now to make this just a little more fresh for those who may have already read it, I decided to write new posts for 3 of the new characters, and add to the old post making an even twenty status updates, which I think will be about my standard length from now on.
Aside from these changes, I also changed the shade of blue I was using for the font, got rid of the facebook bar, updated my little “Thumbs up” icon, Created a jpeg for the CENSORED bar, and made my own logo! That all took quite a bit of work!
I had originally just taken the little thumb’s up icon from facebook and made it a little bigger, but I decided I didn’t like the way it looked and I took it into Photoshop and shrunk it down and darkened the blue just a bit. I also added in space on both sides to save me a ton of time formatting each and every single one in the post. This is so much faster. But it’s probably not something anyone would have even noticed… :p Same with the CENSORED bars. Originally I typed them all out, highlighted them black and changed the text white. Now they are a little picture. Much simpler.
I also decided not to use the top bar from facebook anymore. I wanted to design my own logo to use, so I made my own in Photoshop. I wanted it to look similar to a lot of other Facebook icons, just bigger. I painted it myself and I think it turned out really well! I will use from now on for this series. Check it out below!
So, if you are interested, here again is the first installment of “Facebook Friends” with the changes, and a few new characters sprinkled throughout. :)


Joyful Exclamations
Unicorns & Lollipops!
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker Likes This

Whiney McDramaPants
The Werld is SO mean! I H8 Evry1!
Izzy Illiterate I LUv U Never 4gt that! UR speshul no matter wut ani1 sez!
Nellie Nosey What’s up? Details? Txt me!

Rainbow Sunshine
Isn’t God wonderful?!
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker Likes This
Joyful Exclamations YES! So amazing! And He made bluebirds! I love bluebirds! :D  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
Rainbow Sunshine I love them too, Joyful! They’re such precious creatures!

Mitch Morebuff
Whoo! I just lifted like 50 hundred weights! And then I ran 70 miles!!! I rock!
ThumbsupSpaceBiff Bulkup Likes This

Vaguely McDramaPants
Why can’t these people just grow up and get out of my life?! They never have anything nice to say!
Izzy Illiterate U rock! Dont let nyone tell u difrent If they doo their a Censored!
Nellie Nosey What’s goin on? Text me!
Vaguely McDramaPants Thanks, Izzy! You rock too! <3
Whiney McDramaPants I know just what you meen Sis!

Joy Lyrical
“Love! Happiness! Sing Hallelujah!” – FamousSinger
ThumbsupSpaceRainbow Sunshine and Joyful Exclamations Like This

Gloom Lyrical
“Sorrow, Melancholy, Despair, Bitterness” – FamousGothBand
ThumbsupSpaceWhiney McDramaPants Likes This

Grammie Happy
Grandbaby 2 made an oopsie on the carpet! I love her so much!
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker Likes This
Rainbow Sunshine Grandbabies are such a blessing from God, aren’t they, Grammie?
Grammie Happy They sure are, Rainbow!
Joyful Exclamations I love babies!!!

Angry McToiletMouth
You can Censored&Censored Censored!!!!! Stupid Censored!!!!!
ThumbsupSpaceWhiney McDramaPants Likes This
Izzy Illiterate Ya! U Tel then! Ur awesum! Don’t let the h8ters gt u down!

Joyful Exclamations
ThumbsupSpaceYou Like This

T. M. Info
Woah! I tottally ate too much beans and now I have serious gas! LoLz!!!
ThumbsupSpaceIzzy Illiterate and Lurking Liker Like This
Izzy Illiterate Ur so funy TM! Luv U!

R. W. Republicrazy
ThumbsupSpaceG. O. Pachyderm Likes This
Lefty T. Parrot YOU RACSIT Censored!!!!

Katie Catlover
I just woke up with 17 cats all over my body. If that isn’t the definition of love I don’t know what is.  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker Likes This
Rainbow Sunshine Awe! How precious, Katie! I love cats too! I’m not sure I’d want that many in the house though! :)

Katie Catlover It’s great! Always someone to cuddle with! Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got cats!

Mamma Frazzled
ACK! Kid #1 Just ate a bug while Kid #2 ate a scoop of sand! I can’t turn my back for a second!
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker Likes This
Joyful Exclamations Your kids are so funny!!! I love them!!!
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker Likes This

Lorenzo Literate
“To read, is to become much smarter than you.” – FamousDeadGuy
ThumbsupSpaceLurking Liker and Gloom Lyrical Like This

Fanny LuvSports
WE’RE #1!!! YAY SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ThumbsupSpaceFrankie Sportsfreak Likes This

Frankie Sportsfreak
ThumbsupSpaceFanny LuvSports Likes This

Rabid Liberal
Gobama! WOO!!!!!!! U never do anything rong!
ThumbsupSpaceLefty T. Parrot Likes This
Lefty T. Parrot You are so right! Those Tea Censoreds Censored!!!
Indie Pendant Well, I think Obama has made a serious error in judgment here, but it can’t be easy doing his job.
Lefty T. Parrot Who asked you, you Right-wing Censored?!?!
Indie Pendant I am no Republican! Why can’t we all just get along?
Rabid Liberal Stop posting this garbage on my page!
R. W. Republicrazy HE HAS MONKEY EARS!!!!! :D
Rabid Liberal Censored!!!!!!!!!
ThumbsupSpaceAngry McToiletMouth Likes This

Ima Bean
ThumbsupSpace_thumb[1]Lurking Liker Likes This
Lorenzo Literate I’m pretty sure this is just a random string of gibberish.

Ima Bean Glurp. Helveshique!

Lorenzo Literate Yes. Yes it is.


Lorenzo Literate Ok. I’m leaving now.

Ima Bean GLARB! >:D
Joyful Exclamations
I LOVE LIFE!!!!! :D  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
ThumbsupSpaceYou, Rainbow Sunshine, Grammie Happy, and 37 Others Like This

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