Monday, December 5, 2011

Facebook Friends #2

Finally! The long awaited (For some) second post in the Facebook Friends series! I put a lot more work into this one than I expected to, but I hope it’s worth it! Let me know what you think of the new additions!


Joyful Exclamations
Yay Marshmallows!
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Joyful Exclamations Also - Yay Little Apples! :D
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Ima Bean
Izzy Illiterate oh ima ur so funy!!!!1
Ima Bean Runka-Runka Lunk, Lunk.
Izzy Illiterate Ba hahahaha ahhaha ha!!!!!
Lorenzo Literate Such intelligence here! ‘Tis simply staggering! >Sigh<
Ima Bean >:D

Joy Lyrical
Double Eighth Eighth Note “Happiness, warmness, love and hugs!” Double Eighth Eighth Note – FamousChildren’sSinger
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Joy Lyrical Double Eighth Eighth Note Kittens and ponies! Trees and bugs! Double Eighth Eighth Note
Joy Lyrical  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png I love this song!  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
Joyful Exclamations I Love FamousChildren’sSinger! He’s my favorite famous children’s singer!
Joy Lyrical Mine too!!!
Gloom Lyrical Please tell me I’m adopted…
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Frankie Sportsfreak
I’m watching The big game!
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Fanny LuvSports Me too! I sure hope The Awesome Awesomes win today!
Frankie Sportsfreak You know it! If they don’t, I may just die!
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Frankie Sportsfreak Seriously. I will no longer have the will to live if they lose.

Lill Sloshy
ITS TIM 4 DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!! PAAARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 LETS ALL GET TOOGETHER TONITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Izzy Illiterate Sonds fun!! Where shood I met U?!?! :D
Lorenzo Literate I’m sure you will have a wonderful time “Partying” but unless your drink of choice is a 1982 Pinot Noir, or a 1993 Chardonnay, I must regretfully decline your invitation.
Nellie Nosey I’ll definitely be there! I hope the sisters McDramaPants are there! I’ve just GOT to talk to them!
Vaguely McDramaPants Sorry, Nellie. SOMEone’s having an emotional meltdown that I’ve got that to deal with. Maybe some other day.
Nellie Nosey Ok, whats up? text me!
Gloom Lyrical I can’t. I’ll be at the FamousGrowlyScreamyMetalBand concert tonight. Maybe next time.

Joyful Exclamations
I  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png the Muppets!!!
ThumbsupSpaceYou Like This
Lefty T. Parrot The best part of the movie was that the bad guy was going to drill for oil. That means he’s a republican, and that proves all republicans are evil!
Indie Pendant Lefty, I think your logic is a little short sighted don’t you? Just because a person fits into a certain stereotype, that doesn’t mean that’s what he is. Besides, it’s a movie, not real life. Do you also believe that a pig can do Karate, and sing duets with a frog?
Lefty T. Parrot You are such a Right Wing Nut job! Stop standing up for the oil companies!
Indie Pendant Why do I even bother…

T. M. Info
Bathroom Break! What is that REEK?!? Oh ya! I ate asparagus!!!! LoLz!!!!!
Mrs. Info Thomas Michael Info! Really!
Izzy Illiterate BAHAA HAHA!!!!!!!! TM U crack me up!!!!
Lorenzo Literate Of course he does…

Rainbow Sunshine
Isn’t it a beautiful Day?
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Joyful Exclamations
Yes! It is! Know why?!??!? I had COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rainbow Sunshine That sounds amazing, Joyful! :)
Joyful Exclamations
And it had tons of whipped cream and sugar and cinnamon and extra caffeine for extra excitement!! IT’S EXTRA EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ima Bean

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Lorenzo Literate What the… I have no words…
Joy Lyrical I don’t get it, but I still love it!
Joyful Exclamations Best. Song. EVER!!!!!!
Izzy Illiterate this is seeriusly yay! LUV THs!!!!
Gloom Lyrical Oh, sweet death, relieve my misery…

Grammie Happy
Yesterday I found all my grandbabies snuggled together watching Teletubbies! It was so adorable I forgot to be disturbed by the Teletubbies!
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G. O. Pachyderm
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Why can’t liberals get that through their thick heads?
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R. W. Republicrazy SO true my Republican friend! Let’s go shoot stuff before Obama takes all our guns away! :D
Rabid Liberal You’re insane. You’re the reason Obama needs to ban guns!
R. W. Republicrazy Yeah? Well you drive like a raving maniack, so Obama needs to bann cars!
Rabid Liberal Well you type like a lunatic, so you need your keyboard taken away!
R. W. Republicrazy Typical liberal. You can’t fight my logic, so you resort to personal insults. You’re so predictable. LOL! :D
Rabid Liberal Censored you Censored Censored!!!!!!
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Mamma Frazzled
ACK! Kid #1 just dumped 7 boxes of cereal all over the kitchen! And then Kid #3 Poured the whole gallon of milk on the mess, while Kid #2 got out the spoons! How is a mother supposed to take a bathroom break without having their kitchen destroyed?!?!?
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Rainbow Sunshine One day you’ll look back on this day and laugh and laugh. Don’t worry, it will get better!  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
Crazy Uncle One Day?!?!? I’m ALREADY laughing! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunty Uncle Craig! Quit making fun my sister’s misery or you’re sleeping on the floor tonight!

Mitch Morebuff
Woah! I totally lifted tons more weights than anyone else on Facebook! I rule!
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BB Tween
YAY! The latest “Evening Falls” book is out today!
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BB Tween I  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png Glitter Zombies!!!!!
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Lorenzo Literate
“[Sad is] happy for deep people.” – Sally Sparrow
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Whiney McDramaPants
I H8 Being Single! Why can’t he Luv me instead!?!
Izzy Illiterate  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png x o x o  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png Don’t wory sweatie! Ul find sumwun sumday! UR Butiful! Never 4get Tht!!!!!!!!!!   photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png x o x o  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
Nellie Nosey Who are you talking about? Txt me!
Fanny LuvSports
The Fighting Cheese Logs are the best curling team in the world!!!!
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Rainbow Sunshine What is curling? Is that a sport?
Joyful Exclamations I think it’s competitive hairstyling!
Frankie Sportsfreak Um, no. It’s like sweeping. BUT AWESOME!!!
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Roxy Repost
Did you know that somewhere in the world a little child is sufferring from bacne? If you care about the children, post this as your status for one day. 99.9% of people wont do this. Will you? DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE BACNE RIDDLED CHILDREN!? THEN POST THIS AS YOURE STATUS OR YOURE A CRULE HARTLESS PERSON!!!!
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Izzy Illiterate thts teribl roxy!! ill repost for U! peple got a now abot ths!

Izzy Illiterate
Did you know that somewhere in the world a little child is sufferring from bacne? If you care about the children, post this as your status for one day. 99.9% of people wont do this. Will you? DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE BACNE RIDDLED CHILDREN!? THEN POST THIS AS YOURE STATUS OR YOURE A CRULE HARTLESS PERSON!!!!
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Izzy Illiterate ples repost evrybody!!! wev gota rais awrnes!!!!

Katie Catlover
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIL’ TINKLES JUST FELL IN THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Izzy Illiterate BA HA AH AHA HH AH!!!!1 :D
Joyful Exclamations I think I’m about to LOL myself to death!!! :D

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