Sunday, December 11, 2011


Perhaps it’s because I took a Photoshop class this semester, but I can no longer just look up pictures to use on my blog without seeing a whole bunch of things wrong with them. I simply must mess with them and make them better before I use them. All the pictures I used in my Latvia/Nepal post were all Photoshopped before they went on my blog. They all started out as just a random picture brought up on Google, and I nipped, tucked, and color corrected them until I liked them. There isn’t any massive differences, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll share a few with you so you can see what I mean.

My favorite edit was the map of Latvia. I didn’t even do much, and I actually didn’t even have to use Photoshop. I just corrected some highlights with the standard software that was already on my computer, and I accidentally got this!



The map of Nepal was a bit more difficult. All I had was this little Thumbnail, and of course blowing it up to a usable size made it look all pixilated, so I had to do some major editing.



Another one was the Latvian Rye bread. The picture was ok, but I felt it needed something more.



See what a difference just a bit of cropping and color correction can make?

My other favorite was the Latvian dessert. That one I also didn’t do much, just some cropping, color correction, and rotating.

rupjmaizes-kartojums-ar-dzervenem-1Rupjmaizes Kartojums

Just a little bit of editing and the addition of the border turns a regular old picture-from-internet into something just a bit more special I think. :)

Yesterday someone posted a picture on facebook that I found really funny. It wasn’t the picture itself that was funny, but the caption they had put on it. I though about making a blog post and just having that picture, but I usually don’t like doing that. I like my blog posts to have a larger point to them. Plus I thought the picture needed a lot of improvement. So I decided to severely alter it, and then share it in this post about picture editing. So, here is the “Before” picture:


Their eyes of course really bugged me. They look rather “dead” if you ask me, so that had to be fixed, plus I didn’t like that they were facing away from the blank space in the picture. Most people probably wouldn’t notice little details like that, but I guess because I am going to art school, composition is something that I notice a lot more now than I used to.

To make it better and get it to the point where I would want to share the joke on my blog, I did some pretty major editing on it. I cropped it, cut off their heads and flipped them around, painted their eyes in, and color corrected the whole thing. Here is the “After picture.


The final step was to add the hilarious caption.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets the joke. :D


“We didn’t see any crows get killed,” Violet said.
“’Murder’ is the word for a group of crows, like a flock of geese, or a herd of cows, or a convention of orthodontists.”

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