Sunday, December 25, 2011


There have been a whole bunch of Christmas related videos on YouTube lately. I decided to put all my favorites into one blog post for your viewing pleasure. :)

On my dead “Entertainment blog” I posted about a series of videos called “Kid History”. That was one of the posts I actually saved, and moved over to this blog because their videos were so funny. You can find that post HERE. They recently released a Christmas video, and of course it had me laughing all the way. (Sorry for the lame “Jingle Bells” reference. It won’t happen again.) :p

One of my very favorite YouTube Channels is the Piano Guys, who don’t JUST do piano music, there’s a lot of cello there too. They have also gotten into the Christmas spirit and have started releasing their very first Christmas videos.

Okay, confession time, really, this post was just an excuse to blog about one of my favorite YouTube stars, Lindsey Stirling again. :) She just released another Christmas video, and I just had to share it. If you missed her beautiful version of Silent Night, check out my post HERE, and watch it, plus her amazing “Legend of Zelda” video.

This time her video is a song she apparently wrote herself, and it has a Celtic Flair to the music! I love Celtic music, so I couldn’t NOT share this. I generally dislike a lot of “Santa stuff”, but even though this is a kind of a Santa themed video, (Without Santa) I still love it. :) I also love that she is reusing her elf ears from the Legend of Zelda video. :)

The guy who has been filming her most recent videos has his own YouTube Channel as well. In fact it was because of his channel that I discovered Lindsey, after he filmed her first major music video. He is a film maker named Devin Graham, I actually discovered him through the Piano Guys as he has worked for them before. His video are always very cool. Until this one, which isn’t so much “Cool” as it is “Cavity Inducingly adorable.” (As a side note, this video has gone seriously viral in the last week, over a million and a half views! He may end up getting quite famous because of this one!)

Awe! Don’t you all just want a pile of puppies now?! :D

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Lindsey is pretty great, I really liked the Zelda video. She must have filmed it in Washington or Alaska... Pretty good lip sinc-ing in that kid history video... hilarious!