Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook Photos(hops)

As you may have guessed, all of the pictures that I use for my “Facebook Friends” posts are Photoshopped. I actually put quite a bit of work into them, so I thought it would be fun to share the original pictures with you so you can see what all I did to them.

The first picture I ever did was “Lil’ Tinkles in the Toilet”. I’m sure you all remember that one. :) (You can find that post HERE) It was a combination of three different pictures merged into one. I find most of my pictures just by doing internet searches.



Combine them all together and:

Instant kitty horror. :) Well, not quite instant. These take quite awhile. :)

The other ones were the pictures of destruction and horror caused by Mamma Frazzled’s children. (You can find all those pictures HERE) For those, I began with more pictures I found on the internet. Two I found by searching for “Kids making a mess” or something like that, and the other one I just completely put together myself.

This was what I started with for my first picture.


But after a lot of work, and the addition of a digital alarm clock in the toilet, I ended up with this.

The next picture I did I decided to just start from scratch. I rather doubted there would be any actual pictures of children leaping off of a roof, so I decided to build my own. I started out by searching for a good roof picture.


Then of course I needed a picture of a kid jumping, and most any kid who’s ever jumped off anything was probably imitating Superman, so I also searched for a Superman cape while I was at it.


After I combined all those elements, I ended up with this.

The last picture I made, I again started out with a messy kid, but not quite as messy as the end result.

Cheeto Mess Small

And again I just used the basic Photoshop tools to multiply the mess, add an empty bag of Cheetos, and stain a bunch of things orange.

So there you have it. A lot of work went into those four quick jokes, but they were fun to make, and if they made anyone laugh it was worth it. :) If I do any more pictures like these, I’ll put together another post showing what I did. I think it’s as much fun to tell how I make these as it is to just share the end result. :)


  1. I'm impressed... are these some skills from college or self taught or both?

  2. Sort of both. I start with the principles I learned in college, and then I just expand on them.