Saturday, December 17, 2011

I’m in a Music Video!

Well, maybe not me exactly, but I bet that got your attention. :p Allow me to explain. First watch this video. Or rather, listen to this song, as the video really isn’t anything more than lyrics running on the screen.

I love Parry Gripp’s songs. They always crack me up. :D “Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig)” is just one hilarious example. :p After he released this song he announced on Facebook that he was looking for drawings to use in his next music video for Slushy the Slushball. He’s done this before, you might recall my brief obsession with Space Unicorn. :p I didn’t make my Space Unicorn drawing until after he’d made that video, but this time I decided I’d submit a drawing. If you watched the Space Unicorn video you could tell he used everything he was sent, so I was pretty sure I could get a drawing in there. Here is what I drew. (As long as you listened to the song, the picture makes perfect sense.) :)



I know, super simple. But I did it that way on purpose. I wanted to test out my developing Photoshop skills. Here is the after.


I submitted it and today the video was released. Check out the third drawing! :D

This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me! :D Well, probably not really. But I am excited to have one of my drawings in a Parry Gripp music video. :)

Now that I’ve gone back and reread my Space Unicorn post, I realized I still need to make a big piece of art. It never progressed beyond that drawing. My obsession died soon after I wrote that post. :p Maybe I will use Photoshop and see what I can make out of that drawing. I'm sure I still have the original file somewhere… Stay tuned, I may just do that. :p

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