Monday, December 12, 2011

Facebook Friends #3

Something that I should mention, unlike the real facebook, Which starts out with the most recent posts and works backwards in time, the post in my “Facebook Friends” series happen in chronological order. As in, the most recent posts are at the bottom, and the ones at the top happened at the beginning of the day. You’ll see why I felt the need to clarify that. :)


Mamma Frazzled
Oh my head! Where are my kids now?!?! I can only find the triplets and they are a mess! The rest of them got into the cupcakes! Now there is frosting all over the table and they’ve all disappeared! I can’t even check the mail without disaster befalling me! I was gone for less than two minutes! This has to be a record!!!
Grammie Happy I’m on my way over, Sweetie! I’ll help you look!
Rainbow Sunshine I’m sure you’ll find the rest of them, but I’ll be praying!

BB Tween "Crescent Moon” is the best Evening Falls book yet!
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Gloom Lyrical Evening Falls makes a mockery of zombies everywhere. What self respecting zombie glitters?! These books are a giant FAIL!

Angry McToiletMouth I  photo Censored.png HATE EVENING  photo Censored.png photo Censored.png FALLS!!!!!!!

BB Tween They are SO ROMANTIC!!!!! YOU GUYS don’t know what your talking about!!!

Gloom Lyrical Evening Fails.
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Roxy Repost
Glitter Vomit
Rpost to spead good cheer to all your friends!!!
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Gloom Lyrical AUGH! My Eyes! It’s like Glitter Vomit!
Izzy Illiterate don’t listen to him! its beutiful! im repasting it rite now!

Izzy Illiterate
It so awsum!!!!
Glitter Vomit
Rpost to spead good cheer to all your friends!!!
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Izzy Illiterate devrybody share! itso prety!!!!!
Lorenzo Literate Good grief…

Grammie Happy
Hey, all my Facebook friends! Please send up some prayers! I’m at my daughters house looking for my grandbabies! We know where the triplets are, but they are covered in orange dust, blue paste, and they smell quite minty fresh! The others must have decorated them and gone into hiding! They are just too cute!  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
Joyful Exclamations Praying!
Rainbow Sunshine Me too!
Joy Lyrical Me three!
Gladys Grizzle You need t’ invest in a king sized wooden spoon, Lillian! Works wonders on the little blighters!
Gloom Lyrical From Mamma’s past record of kid related disaster. I’m not so sure I’d even want to find them.
Gladys Grizzle Well, Sounds like a wooden spoon might work some wonders on this’n’s backside too!
Joy Lyrical Gloom, what a dreadful thing to say! Take it back or I’ll tape over that horrible “Weeping Emo” concert you taped last week with “Laurence Welk's Greatest Hits”!

Lorenzo LiterateWhy must I be the rowboat? Rowboat of sanity.
Set adrift in an endless sea, An endless sea of insanity. – FamousSnobbyGuy
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Izzy Illiterate ooooh!!! is ths poetrey!!? Wut dose it mean? I never get ur quots. theyr always lik misteryus and stuff.
Lorenzo Literate My case. I rest it here.
Joy Lyrical Oh Lorenzo, you’re so mean. Funny, but mean. :)

Mamma Frazzled
Well, I found one. Good gravy. What, did she think I wouldn’t notice the curtain, the wall, and her dress if she swept up the rest of the evidence?!?!?!

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Rainbow Sunshine Oh, praise the Lord she’s ok! At least you have a willing helper!
Ima Bean NUM-NUM!!!! LICK FLOOR!!!! 8D

Whiney McDramaPants
Sckool is the worst! I H8 IT SO MUTCH!!!!! I H8 MY TEACHRS SO MUTCH!!!
Izzy illiterate I heer ys gurl! I never get what thy sying anewy! it so dumb!
Lorenzo Literate Hmmm… What a quandary… I can’t think of a single reason…
Whiney McDramaPants SEE!!!!!! THANK U!!! SUM1 AGREES WITH ME!!!!!
Lorenzo Literate Facebook is in dire need of a sarcasm font…

Mitch Morebuff
Whoah! I totally need to hit the gym! It’s been like 5 hours since I lifted any heavy objects with my buff, manly arms! I’m gonna get so fat!
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Mamma FrazzledI found another one! I’m going to cry now!

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Izzy Illiterate tats so cutt!!! but rely mesy srry tht U hav too kleen that upp…
BB Tween Please, don’t EVER ask me to babysit…
Crazy Uncle BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunty Uncle Craig, was that really necessary?
Crazy Uncle Ahem… Sorry, lost my voice there. I had to leave and get a glass of water. Ok, where was I? Oh yes. BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Aunty Uncle Ok, I have to admit, it is a little funny. :)
T. M. Info Hey, you should be glad it’s only toothpaste! She is in the bathroom after all!
Mrs. Info Thomas Michael! I am SO sorry that my son has disgraced the comments section of your picture! It won’t happen again! Oh, who am I kidding. I know very well he’ll be back… I’m so ashamed…

Gloom Lyrical
“I heard a dead bird. I wept 7 tears.” – FamousGothBand
Gloom Lyrical It’s like they’ve been reading my journals. :’( Such inspiring lyrics…

Mamma FrazzledAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! I FOUND ANOTHER ONE! I swear! These children will be the death of me!!!

Rainbow Sunshine Is he ok!? Why would he jump off the roof?
Grammie Happy He’s a boy. What other reason do you need? :) He’s fine. Thank goodness they have that trampoline I bought them in the back yard! Perfect for catching mischievous superheroes! :)  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png
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Lorie LuvvieI miss my Schmoopie-Pie SOOO MUCH!!!!!
David Duvvie And I miss my Wittle Wuvvie-Woo SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorenzo Literate And I miss not being sick to my stomach.

Frankie SportsFreak
What could be better than chips, dip, and Coke while watching the big game?! NOTHING!
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Ferdie Foodie How about Hot Wings, Pizza, Chips, Dip, Tacos, Chili, Mountain Dew AND PECAN PIE!??! YEAH! TOTAL PARTY GOIN’ ON OVER HERE!!!! Who are you rooting for? I’m rooting for the Screaming Flamingos! I hope they crush the Flaming Cow Patties! Their team name is SERIOUSLY turning me off my pecan pie…
Frankie SportsFreak I’m not watching football. The Awesome Awesomes really let me down last week. I almost lost the will to live. I stayed in bed weeping for two days afterward. It was just so devastating. Now I’ve just become hardened against the entire sport. Besides, I found a MUCH better game to watch! I LOVE EXTREME MOUNTAIN BADMINTONNING!

Mamma Frazzled
Thanks for all your prayers and concern everyone! I found them all. Total damage was a kitchen covered in frosting, a dining room covered in smashed Cheetos, (Walls and curtains stained orange) a bathroom covered in toothpaste, (Towels stained blue and a digital alarm clock short-circuiting in the toilet) and a child covered from head to toe in mud after jumping off the roof, onto a trampoline, and quadruple summersaulting through the air into a giant mud pool he created with the hose. Mamma needs her sedatives now.
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Rainbow Sunshine Praise the Lord your children are all safe and sound!
BB Tween Seriously. Never ask me to babysit. My fees are 30 bucks an hour.
Mamma Frazzled Worth every penny. Be here Thursday at 5.
BB Tween I MEANT 40!!!!
Mamma Frazzled Still worth it.
BB Tween Per kid?
Mamma Frazzled You drive a hard bargain, but ok!
BB Tween I’m gonna be rich! Dead, but rich!
Gloom Lyrical Where would you like your funeral to be held?

Grammie Happy ToArrow Mamma FrazzledI hope you don’t mind, dear, but I simply must share the pic of my sweet little preshie-kins toothpasting the toilet! It’s so adorable! I must share it with my friends!
Mamma Frazzled Oh, go ahead, mom. It won’t make my emotional scars any worse than they already are. :)

Grammie Happy shared Mamma Frazzled’s Photo

Grammie Happy Awe! I’nt my little granbaby just da sweetest?! :D
Joyful Exclamations TOO Sweet! :D
Rainbow Sunshine Just plain adorable! But I do feel badly for her poor mother…
Penny Pincher What a dreadful waste of toothpaste!
Gladys Grizzle What a mess! You’d better tell her mama to git herself a wooden spoon! This child needs a swattin’! Fast!
Rabid Liberal I am glad this isn’t your kid Mrs. Grizzle! I would call Child Protective Services on you so fast it’d make your head spin!
Gladys Grizzle What kind of friends are y’all addin’ on Facebook, Lillian? Sounds like this’n should be soundly spanked himself!
Rabid Liberal Bring it, Grandma!
Gladys Grizzle Tough talk from someone too chicken to use his real name, you namby-pamby, whiny, weasley, little wimp! I bet you’re a forty-eight-year-old nerd, still livin’ in his mother’s basement with no job, survivin’ on welfare, eating nothin’ but pizza, doing nothin’ but surfing the internet, playin’ World of Warcraft, and complainin’ on facebook about how unfair and unjust life is. Amiright?
Gladys Grizzle Congratulations! You win life!
R.W. Republicrazy Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go! :D
Rabid Liberal YOU STAY OUT OF THIS YOU Censored Censored!!!!!!!!!
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Gladys Grizzle and R.W. Republicrazy are now friends
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G. O. Pachyderm Gladys, after reading your conversation it would be my honor to be facebook friends with such a classy lady like yourself.
Indie Pendant Me too? I’m sure we may not see eye to eye on everything, but I like your spunk!
Gladys Grizzle Three new friends in one day? This old lady’s still got it!

Gladys Grizzle is now friends with G. O. Pachyderm, Indie Pendant, and 37 Other People.

Gladys Grizzle Well! Don’t y’all know how to make an old gal feel special! Now, just ‘cause I friended y’all don’t mean I’m gonna play all nice-like! I’ma still speakin’ my mind if my mind needs a speakin’!
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Joyful Exclamations This is my new theme song! :D

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