Monday, November 4, 2013

Super Awesome Bucket List Ideas!

Have you always wanted to write a bucket list? Are you no good at coming up with awesome things to do before you die? Well then have I got the post for you! Here are twenty super-awesome things you can do before you die! Too bad you can only choose one!

 photo Bucket_zps462480f5.png

1! Snuggle with a shark!

2! Go skinny dipping in Antarctica!

3! Lick a pile of jellyfish!

4! Eat at McDonalds!

5! Saddle a tiger and go for a joy ride!

6! Play chicken with the Wienermobile!

7! Slap a rabid clown!

8! Dive into an abandoned mine full of chocolate pudding!

9! Reveal a politician's secrets!

10! Wet the bed while using an electric blanket from the 1940's!

11! Go cliff diving! At the Grand Canyon!

12! Wear a suit made of bananas while teasing some angry lab chimps!

13! Go hunting with Dick Cheney!

14! Chew on some old dynamite!

15! Make a smoothie with a can of lead paint and some old batteries!

16! Nap in an occupied badger hole!

17! Cuddle a bear cub in front of it's mother!

18! Eat mysterious berries you found in the forest!

19! Subtly hint to a wolverine that it needs a shower!

20! Invent time travel and throw water balloons at a velociraptor!

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