Monday, February 10, 2014

Video Blitz 4

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I had a lot of great videos to choose from that have come out over the last two months. It was SO hard to narrow them down!

First up is probably my favorite YouTube musician of all time, Lindsey Stirling. (I know this sounds so "Hipster-ish," but I love the fact that I can say I discovered her when she only had one music video on YouTube, and I've been watching her ever since.)

All the footage is from her first world tour. I love how they planned each shot and made her poses and moves all blend together in all the locations all over the world.

Next up is Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne.

I don't play WOW, and don't ever plan to, but you don't have to even know what it is to enjoy this song. It's amazing.

The next is an episode of Messy Mondays from Blimey Cow. Some of the jokes you have to have been watching the show for awhile to understand, but it is still gut-bustingly hilarious.

I about died laughing at the "Hip-Squeak."

The next video has been out for awhile, it's from one of my favorite YouTube Groups, Walk Off the Earth.

This song showed up in the video player on my 3DS ages ago, probably over a year, and I played it over and over, until it was replaced. (There's a rotating cycle of 4 videos in the 3DS player, none are permanent.) I forgot about it until last month when I rediscovered it, found their YouTube channel, and realized I'd seen some of their videos in the past, and I loved them. I subscribed right then, and bought their album.

The next song is another by Peter Hollens, and it is probably my favorite new song of all of these.

I loved this song from the first NOTE! I listened to it over, and over, and over! (And bought it of course.) I highly recommend that you follow Peter's link to the original video as well.

This next video is from William Joseph, the same guy who played the piano in the Dubstep Piano on the Lake video from my last Video Blitz post.

Love the cinematography, and the violinist is amazing as well!

I wouldn't feel right doing one of these posts without including the single greatest group on all of YouTube, Pentatonix.

They are incapable of making a bad song. Incapable.

Last, but definitely not least, probably my favorite video out of all of these, Lindsey Stirling's latest masterpiece. This video is so different from her other ones. Amazing special effects, awesome CGI, and amazing dancers with amazing choreography. It's so science-fiction-y, but still completely her style. It blew me away. I've lost track of how many times I've watched this video.

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