Saturday, October 24, 2015

Famous Last Tweets

I started this post like 2 years ago, and then I kind of forgot about it. I was looking for another post when I came across this draft and I decided to finish it. I don't really intend to make this a series, but I had a logo idea, so I made one anyway for fun. :p Anyway, if you don't like dark humor, turn back now. :p

 photo FLTweets_zpsgmef1pcl.png

Rattlesnakes are cute, and they make the best pets.

Totally going Bigfoot hunting! Come at me bro-squatch!


Hairspray + Matches = Awesome!

The forecast calls for heavy volcanoing. #YeahRight

Timmy thinks there's a shark in our swimming pool. Lol! I love how rich the imagination of a child can be!

This bologna smells funny. Oh well.

That old woman was right! It WAS an enchanted sombrero! The snowman is alive!

20 poptarts in one sitting! New record!

Holy cows! Why is that train driving through the field?

Tiger pit? Challenge accepted!

This mime show is awful. Those guys acting like they're dying from his pretend finger guns are the worst actors.

Blowfish sushi? #Fearless

Dynamite?! LOL!

I totally just saw a Pterodactyl in the woods. I'm going back with a camera for proof!

Apple Seeds aren't poison. I'll prove it.

A bottle of lemonade under the sink! Score!

No one ever died from a hotdog eating contest.

YEEHAW!!!! Thanx 4 tha fireworks, @cleatus_1776!!!!!! Time 4 awesum!!!! #Merica

I've never seen this many robins all gathered in one place before! If I didn't know any better I think I'd probably be scared. LOL!

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