Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TIIA 8 (The Internet Is Awesome)

One of my favorite things in the world is when someone does a Disney cover, and does it well. Todrick Hall is one of the kings of medleys on YouTube, and his latest Disney Medley is amazing. And I don't just mean amazing, I mean, AMAZING! He includes music from everything from Dumbo, to Tangled, to The Wonderful World of Color, to That's So Raven! I have never seen or heard a more comprehensive medley than this!

Another group that can rock an awesome medley is Pentatonix. And they totally rock this one.

Everything I love about Pomplamoose is on full display in this next video. The colors, the costumes, the quirky music, the singing, the humor, this video has everything.

2Cellos prove once again why they are some of the best cello players out there with their original composition, Celloverse.

From the moment I heard this next song, it immediately became my favorite Avicii song. It's been on replay off and on all day.

I never though that Justin Beiber would come out with a song that I would actually really like, but he did. However, instead of sharing the original, here is a cover by Mike Tompkins. :p

Next, here is a song by my favorite Lebanese artist, and probably the only one I know, Mika.

Lets close this down with another awesome song by the Gregory Brothers, this time remixing Hannah Hart's attempt to make jam. This song has literally been on replay in my car for a month. It's SO catchy.

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