Thursday, October 1, 2015

KHIA (Kid History IS Awesome)

When I started putting together my TIIA catchup posts, I realized that I had a lot of videos from Bored Shorts TV, AKA Kid History, AKA Kid Snippets, so I decided to break them off and make them their own post.

Most of Bored Shorts' videos are shorts, similar to Kid History which they are most famous for, but are stories the kids have made up, which the adults lip sync to with hilarious results. Once in awhile They will get a guest who utterly nails the performance, and most recently, their guest was none other than Peter Hollens!

They also did the same thing with Josh Groban in 2013!

And then again in 2014!

And then Lindsey Stirling!

The last time I posted something from Kid History was back in 2011, when they had only made 7 episodes. They have since gotten up to 11, and somehow I never saw the rest until just a few weeks ago! Kid History videos are true stories about the people starring in the videos that they have told their kids, who go on to hilariously butcher them upon retelling. If you need to catch up, I'll link to their official playlist HERE, which you need to watch, because they are all too funny, but I wanted to share number 11 here, because it was so hilarious, I was dying of laughter the whole time.

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