Sunday, April 10, 2016


Yesterday was the wedding of my brother Joel, and Alex French. My brothers and I were all groomsmen, and Alex's sisters and friend Rachel were bridesmaids. I don't have any pictures of the wedding itself, as I was in it, but I have plenty of the events surrounding the wedding.

The night before, we had the rehearsal. I didn't get any pictures while we rehearsed, but I got a bunch of the reception hall as the finishing touches were being put up.

Before the lights were lit.


The centerpieces would be lit the next day.

The guestbook station.

They had set up a photobooth with props for the guests to use.

The fake trees were made out of carpet tubes.

After the rehearsal Rachel wanted me to take some pictures of her, Alayna, Amanda, and April.

Then I was playing some music and April began to perform an interpretive dance.

She really got into it. :)

It was beautiful. :p

Then she realized Alayna was filming her and stopped. :p

Jenny was so excited that everything turned out so well, (and to be done) that she also did a dance. :p
And this time I was filming. :p

The Next Day:

I normally don't take selfies, but for today, I figured it was okay.
Plus bowties are cool. :p

My grandma, meeting Alex's grandma for the first time since they were school age! Apparently they went to the same school many, many years ago, and now their grandchildren are getting married. I'm sure that's something that never even crossed their minds back then.

We took wedding pictures all morning.

The French Family

The grandmothers

Joel with both our grandmothers.

The cake

Sarah helped out in the kitchen all day.

Sasha had a secret mission. :)

Shaina did the hair for some of the bridesmaids.

Rachel's kids, Ariana and Judah, were the flower girl and ring bearer.

Alex wanted some pictures with them, so Jared stepped in.

Waiting to begin.

It's almost time!

We decided to take more selfies while we waited. :p

They're almost married!

It's almost time to walk!

30 - 45 minutes later:

Mrs. Alex North signs the marriage certificate!

Followed by Mr. Joel North.

Also Jacob and Amanda, but I got distracted and missed Amanda's signing.

Waiting to go out to the reception.

Another selfie with my now-sister! Just like the other one, but totally different!

Sasha's secret mission!

She told me she was up almost all night blowing up these balloons.
It took her 5 hours!

Joel had a great time popping them all with his knife.

I was taking a picture of Joel but it turned out I was taking a selfie.

I don't think he got them all.

They're off to California!

Shaina, Sasha, Brittany, and I got in the photo booth together.


Rachel and my entrance to the reception was a lightsaber duel. We didn't get any pictures, so we recreated it before the day was over. :)

And that's the end! I have a new sister!

I can't believe I finished a post in a timely manner! I haven't done that in ages! Years? I still have a lot to catch up on though, so after this it'll be back to older photos. :)

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