Thursday, September 5, 2013

Destination Iowa State

Finally! Pictures from Destination Iowa State!

The three day event started off with a huge showcase of a lot of the clubs and student organizations, all around the grounds of Hilton Colosseum. I didn't take all that many pictures, except for a few that I found interesting.

Like a live karate demonstration.

One club they had that I found hilarious was the "Medeival Combat Society." They had two teams, all armed with stuffed medieval weapons, and they would charge and just start wailing on each other with big plush maces, and trying to "Spear" each other with giant stuffed jousting sticks. It was so funny! Not that I'm trying to make fun of them or anything. They looked like they were having a blast. I just found it very entertaining. :) Unfortunately this is the best picture I got, so you can't really grasp how funny it was unless you saw it live.

They also had a club that was dancing to try to get people to join. They were actually really good! But no, this wasn't a dance club, though there are some of those around, this was the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

That night we went inside Hilton Colloseum for speeches by the faculty and a guest speaker, and some musical performances by some student groups. The whole place was PACKED. Thousands of students! The president said that this was the biggest group of student EVER to enroll at Iowa State!

One of the performances was by a group called Dance Marathon. This is one of the dance clubs, but they're more of a charity than a club. They dance to raise money for sick kids. They are not professionals by any means, but they look like they are having a lot of fun, and their energy is infectious. It was a lot of fun to watch them. One thing that would be of interest to my friends, the Frenches, is that one of the songs that they danced to was the theme from Arthur. The whole auditorium ERUPTED in cheers when it started. It was hilarious!

Then the marching band came out to play and the director made everybody learn the school fight song, and learn a dance. I'm glad no one I knew was there to see me. :p

That was all for the first day. The next two days was mainly attending various events to learn what to do in classes, how to find classes, and then our team leader showed us around the campus. I didn't take any pictures on these days, but GaLi, our team leader did, and she sent them to everyone who wanted them.

One of the things we did was go on a scavenger hunt that was designed to teach us about various historacle sites around campus, as well as get more familiar with the place. One of the things we had to find was a brick outside of Cat Hall with Oprah Winfrey's name on it. It was lost in a sea of other bricks with hundreds of other names, but one of us managed to find it. The picture was GaLi's idea, but I like it. I think it looks really cool. :)

As you can see the size of our group sort of fluctuated a lot. By the last day we were down to just four of us for the final activity.

This was our last thing on Saturday. Making blankets for Project Linus. A charity that gives sick children blankets when they are in the hospital.

Destination Iowa State was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about the campus. When I get time I plan to do some more posts about the campus, maybe even do a tour of some of the buildings. There is a lot of history and a lot of interesting things to see there.

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