Sunday, September 1, 2013

So Busy

As most of you know, I went Chicago a month ago. I got tons of pictures, and I wrote plenty of notes in my journal to use for a whole bunch of blog posts. But I have not yet had time to do anything with them.

When I got back from Chicago I had less than a week to pack up my stuff and move to Ames for school. When I got to Ames I had to work at the grocery store I transferred to. Then I had to attend Destination Iowa State to get me oriented to the campus and to be able to find my way around. Then it was time for school.

All this week I have been so busy with school and work, that I barely have time for anything else. I think I'm busier than I ever have been in my entire life. Monday I have classes from 9 to 3. Wednesday it is 8 to 3. Friday it is just 9 to 11, but then I expect I will regularly have to work afterwards. Tuesday and Thursdays are my easiest days, with classes between 2 and 4:30. But none of these times are quite representative of how long my day is, because you need to add on about an hour before and after each day for bus riding times. Not to mention the fact that I could get scheduled for work after any one of these days.

For homework in three different classes I will be required to attend a number of plays, musical performances, movies, and other cultural events, and then write papers on them. For my drawing class I am supposed to be spending at least 6 hours OUTSIDE of class drawing, each week. For two classes I have to write journal entries at least twice a week on different topics, and all of this stuff has not yet taken into account all the reading I have to do.

In addition to all these school activities that I have to do, I went and joined three different student organizations. The bloggers club, the design club, and the ISU Theater group, as a set painter. Hopefully none of the times that these organizations meet will clash with any other time that I'm already busy.

So as you can see, that doesn't leave a whole lot of extra time, but I will do my best to keep up with this blog. I want to get a post done about Destination Iowa State first, and then I really need to get caught up on my blogging from my Chicago trip. It has already been a month since then! It hardly seems possible, but this month has just flown by. Tomorrow is Labor Day, so I don't have school, but I do have to work. I will try to get some writing done between now and then, and maybe I can get a post up in a day or two.

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