Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catch Up Part 2: Shaina's Birthday

Yesterday I posted pictures from Christmas, these pictures were from Shaina's birthday party, which happened not too much after the holidays. Sarah has always loved making specialty foods, and she recently got into planning tea parties, so for Shaina's birthday we planned an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party.

This was the spread. The Wonderland details are subtle.

The blue butterfly.

A white rabbit.

Sasha even provided Steve, so we'd have a walrus. :p

Sarah made a whole bunch of tiny tarts and muffins.

And she has a large collection of assorted china.

Sasha made a crown for the birthday girl. I should mention that this was a surprise, so she wasn't warned in advance to dress for the occasion. Which explains the hoodie. :p I was the most dressed up, as I own a Mad Hatter costume. However, I neglected to get a picture of myself that day, so here's one from a few years ago instead. :p

A sample of the fare.

Sarah made her own lemon curd, and clotted cream!

Sasha made all the tea sandwiches.

They went all out!

I blew up balloons. :p And these were actually more difficult that they look, because those aren't polka dots, it's confetti that had to be stuffed into the balloons before blowing them up!

After the tea we watched Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

I have like five different versions of the movie, but Sarah wanted to stick with the classic. :)

Later Shaina opened her gifts, I gave her four Funko Pops from one of her all-time favorite movies, Labyrinth. Can you spot the fourth Pop? It's slightly hidden. :p

My friend Sam gave me two Irish unicorns to give to her, because she knew I had a cousin who absolutely loved unicorns. And Shaina absolutely loved them. :p

Sasha made Shaina a rainbow cake, which we had later that night.

Shaina loves rainbow anything.

She LOVES rainbows. :p

Even the inside was rainbow'd. :)

Shaina was suitably impressed. :)

And that's all from that day! I am pretty sure I have some other pictures to catch up on as well, but those were all the other big holiday pictures. I'll get to the others eventually. :)

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