Monday, May 1, 2017

This Month in Internet (April 2017)

I have decided to reboot my video post series with a new title. Starting today my TIIA (The Internet is Awesome) series will be replaced with This Month in Internet. I probably won't abbreviate it like I always did with TIIA, but if I do, it's going to be TMI, or TMInternet. Not sure yet. :)

In the past I have found myself saving videos to a playlist intending to make a blog post, but forgetting about them until there is way too many to use in one blog post. So I decided to give myself motivation to keep on top of them by starting an intentionally monthly series. From now on these posts will collect all my favorite videos over each month and then put it up at the end of that month, or, like in this case, the beginning of the next.

And, as with all my ongoing series, I needed a new logo, so here is the logo for This Month in Internet!

 photo TMILogo_zpszhatahsf.png

First up, did you know that Avi Kaplan, the bass from Pentatonix has his own group? Band? Project? Something? He's doing music on his own, guys! In addition to PTX! I didn't know either, but the first EP from Avriel and the Sequoias is coming in July, and he released his first song this month! And I am OBSESSED! I love everyone in Pentatonix, but if someone were to force me at gunpoint to pick a favorite member, I'd have to go with Avi. I just love what his bass notes bring to the group, and now I love everything else I never knew his voice could do!

And speaking of Pentatonix, they also just released a new EP, and the songs are so good! Here is one of them. (There was another song released this month too, but I'm saving that for a seperate post. Be on the lookout for that. :) )

Todrick Hall recently released a massive, almost movie length, semi-auto-biographical project based on the Wizard of Oz, and while it was all great, I was so excited to see this very short song, because it features one of my teenage (And current) obsessions, Raven-Symoné.

STOP EVERYTHING! Puddles Pity Party did another song with Postmodern Jukebox!!!!!!

A YouTuber I haven't featured on my blog, due to the sometimes adult-ish nature of some(many) of his videos, is TomSka. He has a series called asdfmovie, and it is probably one of the most random things on the internet, and I LOVE it. Like I said though, it can be adulty, so I'm not sharing it here, but if you're curious you can look it up. Just be warned of language and cartoon violence/blood. However, one segment of the most recent episode of asdfmovie was this song, which it had nothing problematic at all, so I'm sharing it here because I have been obsessed with it, and it's just been on repeat off and on all month.

Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, and Madilyn Bailey all came together to do this excellent TV theme song mashup. Despite the fact that I probably don't even watch half the shows featured, I still loved it so much! Kurt and friends always do such an amazing job!

We'll end with Mike Tompkins' latest masterpiece. There are so many different a capella voices on YouTube, but there's just something so unique about his. I love it!

And that's it for this month! From now on I will try to have one post like this a month, with maybe an extra one here and there, where I see fit. Be on the lookout for a post featuring Pentatonix next; as amazing as the song I included in this post was, it has NOTHING on what I'm saving for next time. Stay tuned. :)

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