Saturday, May 27, 2017

Christmas Catch-Up

Can you believe it's almost the end of May and I still haven't gotten Christmas pictures up? I can...

I'm notorious for not getting pictures up in good time. Frankly it was a miracle that I got my graduation pictures up only a week after it happened. Maybe now that I've finished school I will be a little better about that kind of thing. Maybe. We'll see... :p

Anyway, on to the pictures from Christmas! Technically these are from New Years, as we didn't have Christmas until January, but most of them are from the present opening day.

Jackson! My most adorable nephew! He looks so little here! He's already so much bigger than this, and it was only like 5 1/2 months ago! What happened?

Presents 2017

The fam.

Aunt Ruth made us all new cowboy boot stockings to hang above the stove downstairs.

This one is mine. :)

Baby's first Christmas. :)

Christmas Paparazzi. :)

Literally. :p

Grandma and Jackson. :)

I have a feeling that most of these pictures today are going to be Jackson. :p

Did people get bored waiting for Jackson? :p

Jackson needed help opening everything. I got him these two books, but I think he enjoyed the colorful wrapping paper even more. :p

Daddy and Jackson. :)

Eva gave me a Mr. Rogers mug for Christmas. :)

His sweater changes color with heat!

I got a bunch of books for Christmas too. A Doctor Who Cookbook from Shaina, as well as a Doctor Who history book and the Atlas Obscura from mom and dad.

I tried to do a selfie with Jackson, but it wasn't entirely successful. :p

Okay, it was kind of successful. He's so stinkin' cute. :p

Grandpa and Jackson. :)

I found these pictures on one of my devices after most everyone had left. :p

And of course, the last pictures of the day were Jackson as they were leaving.
He's just too cute.

I have some other pictures from around that time as well, but I'll save them for another post. We'll see if I have some time tomorrow. Stay tuned! :)

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