Sunday, March 13, 2011

Julian Smith

It’s been a long time since I did a “Random” post. This one isn’t as random as I have been in the past, as all these videos are by the same guy, but they are all random in the fact that they are all VERY different from each other.

I recently found a filmmaker on YouTube named Julian Smith. He is really funny, and a great actor. You’ll see from all these videos how easily he slips into various personas.

This first video apparently made some people accuse him of, among other things, making fun of Christians. He wrote in his blog after he released it that that wasn’t his intent at all. I got the joke the first time I watched it, but apparently others did not. I’ll link his blog if you would like to read it after you watch it.

Double Pre-Blessed!
Usually however, his videos are just silly. He plays all sorts of different people. His Jeffery character is really funny.

You want TWO of them?!?
Jellyfish: They don’t have jelly inside, they just have lightning.
If you’ll notice, there are words appearing during the video, sometimes faster than one can read without pausing. I think they are supposed to be Jeffery's thoughts, but they are really funny. This line cracked me up so well, that I put it in my favorite quotes on Facebook.

Jellyfish: They don’t have jelly inside, they just have lightning.

“Red Eye Flashes Twice” was the video that got me started watching his stuff, thanks to my cousin posting it to Facebook.

What are you stupid, Bill?
As I watched more of his videos, I realized that I had seen quite a few already, thanks to them being posted elsewhere, I just had never paid attention to the artist before

This was the main video I had remembered seeing before. And with good reason. This was his first video that went viral, and the one that made him famous.

Am I number one? Am I number one? Am I number one?
I also remember seeing this one a long time ago. It’s so terrible, yet so funny.

I don’t wike dis bedtime stowey!
This one I am including just because it makes me laugh.

Don’t drink that, don’t drink that racist coffee.
If you’re wondering what the deal is with the “I MADE THIS FOR YOU!” scream, or the “I made this for you.” whisper at the end of most of his videos, it comes from this film.

I made this for you.
This next one is funny, but what is funnier to me, is that his mom made her own version of it after he released it, and hers is even funnier than his!

As a side note, the end of his wins the award for most random ending ever.

Don’t EVER interrupt me while I’m readin’ a book!
This is the one his mom made. Just about all the food in the video are references to other videos he made.

I’m tryin’ to cook, pig. I’m tryin’ to cook.
P.S. Something else really cool about this guy? He was homeschooled. Along with his five siblings, who all act or make videos, and most of them are still kids.

A synopsis of his life can be found here.

P.P.S. Has anyone ever heard of the web show “The Annoying Orange?” Julian Smith guest starred on an episode playing a walnut. (For those with extra weak constitutions, The Annoying Orange features graphic fruit violence. You have been warned. :p)

You’re an avocado? Is that why Lizardberry ate you?
P.P.P.S. I was just about finished with this post, and I decided to go check Facebook I “Like” Julian Smith on Facebook, and he had JUST posted a new video! It’s hilarious!

You think you could give me a jump?

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