Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bieber Beast

Yesterday I mentioned starting a project to work on at home. I haven’t worked on it a whole lot, but I thought I’d share the beginning of it with you since I ended up scrapping it and starting over.
At the end of class on the first day we were making our prints, our teacher told us to make two collages by the next week. He didn’t tell us anything about the project or I would have made mine much different. All he said was that we were going to make an abstract drawing out of one of them. After finding out the next week that we needed to have a whole sheet full of stuff, I scrapped the two I made and started over, but I decided that I’d share them here, just for kicks. Smile
My first one:
My second one:
And yes, that is Justin Bieber. Smile with tongue out Can anyone guess what and who the rest of him is?

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