Friday, January 27, 2012

Mac Vs. PC

For years I have wanted to be a Mac owner. A Mac was the very first computer I ever used, way back when I was a little kid and computers were magical things that other people had but we didn’t. I used the computer at the library to play a Reader Rabbit game. I really don’t remember much about that game, but I remember the computer. It had a green screen. Which may seem really weird to people nowadays, but that was normal to me back them. Game boys were the same way. I’m not really sure why they chose to make the screens green…

When my family finally did get our own computer we got a PC, as that was pretty much what everyone had, and I didn’t even know the difference. I’m not really sure when I became aware of the whole PC vs. Mac thing, but I was on the side of PCs for a very long time. Mainly because I, like most people, don’t like change very much. And Macs are very different from PCs.

When I went to ITT Tech, we were not taught how to use a Mac. The laptops we got were all PCs, and every computer we used at school was a PC. There was one Mac back off in a corner somewhere that we were told we could use if we wanted, but we were not told how to use it, and I avoided it because I didn’t understand it. Many of my classmates, and even a few teachers complained that we weren’t being taught on Macs because according to them, Mac was “The Industry Standard” when it came to art and graphic design. But then, ITT Tech didn’t teach us a lot of things we probably needed to know.

After I got my first iPod, and began to understand what Apple products were capable of did I embrace the idea of getting a Mac. I really started to want one after I got an iPod Touch. It was amazing. If they could make computers that were half as amazing as their MP3 players, then they would be awesome. Unfortunately my iPod Touch had a defect, and it stopped working. At first I had planned to get a new one, but not having very much money, and being in pretty desperate need for a new laptop, I decided to use the refund towards that instead. The laptop from ITT Tech had been ailing for a very long time. It’s screen had died, and I had hooked up an old dinosaur of a monitor to use it. It wasn’t a “Laptop” at all. I wanted a Mac, but I decided against it because of the price. Macs are very expensive compared to PCs, so I went with an HP instead. I told myself that next time it would be a Mac.

And it was! As of yesterday I am a Mac owner!


>Sniff!< It’s just so beautiful! :’)


Normally I would not have been able to justify this expense, but if you’ll recall, a couple weeks ago my computer caught a bad virus. I ended up erasing the entire hard drive, and that got rid of all the programs I needed for school. I thought I would be able to reinstall them easily, but no such luck. My disk drive will not accept any of my disks, so I had no way of doing any of my homework. As I am in two graphic design courses this semester, this is a HUGE problem.

You may also recall that I received a scholarship for this semester. I decided that my money from that would go toward the laptop, otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.

I’m not completely anti-PC like some Mac owners. I think for the most part Macs ARE much better, but there is still at least one thing about the PC I like better, blogging. And since, other than the disk drive not reading my installation disks, my PC is back to normal, I will keep blogging from my PC. I use a program called Windows Live Writer to Blog, and there is no comparable program for Mac that I know of. At least not a free one anyway. So until someone comes up with a good blogging program for the Mac, I’ll be keeping my PC.

Ok, I’m done with this post. Time to go back to my Mac! :D


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  1. Oh man, I am so jealous!! Congrats on your new baby!!