Monday, January 9, 2012

After Christmas Party

My friend Matthew was back at his parents house for Christmas, so his mother had a party so we could visit him. I went with my cousins to Nebraska to see him. We hadn’t seen each other since early last year when we went to the zoo together. (Link to that HERE)

December 068_thumb[1]

My cousins and I went to his parents house to see him. Matthew’s sister, Rachel, her husband Robert and their daughter Ariana were also there.

December 040_thumb[1]

December 042_thumb[1]

I may be biased, since they are my friends, but I am pretty sure Rachel and Robert have the cutest baby in the world. Who could see this picture and disagree?! :D

December 045_thumb[1]

December 046_thumb[1]

Uncle Matthew. :)

December 048_thumb[1]

This picture just cracks me up! :D

December 057_thumb[1]

After we played a few games and visited for most of the afternoon, we went downstairs and watched Cars 2.

December 058_thumb[1]

December 059_thumb[1]

And played with Ariana. :)

December 063_thumb[1]

December 065_thumb[1]

December 067_thumb[1]

Robert and Rachel offered to drive Shaina and me home so we could stay late, but the night still seemed to end too soon. Before we left, Rachel took some pictures of Matthew and me together.

December 069_thumb[1]

You may have noticed Matthew was wearing a hat all day.

December 070_thumb[1]

Here’s what he was hiding underneath it. :)

December 071_thumb[1]

We may have been picking on him for it, just a bit… :) In love of course. :)

December 072_thumb[1]

We miss you Matthew! You need to move back here! :)
This wasn’t the end of the festivities… The next day we had another party, but that post will have to wait.

To be continued again… :)


  1. Thanks for posting, Jonathan, fun to see this blog!

  2. Nice footage, and great pictures. :) Thanks for helping us re-live good times!