Sunday, January 1, 2012

It’s the End of the World!

I mean... Uh… Happy New Year! For now… Since, you know, according to the ancient Mayans, who were OBVIOUSLY all seeing and all knowing, this is the last year of ever.

So, next year at this time, with this being the end of the world and all, Mars can take our place as the third planet, and with us gone, maybe it can move close enough to the sun to sustain some life of its own. Grow some plants, start up it’s own little ecosystem, maybe a raise few little Martian creatures. And hey! Pluto! With no snobby earth scientists around to raise their noses in the air and tell you you’re nothing more than a useless dwarf, you can go back to being your own planet! Less than a year till we’re all gone! Start the countdown guys! You can get in on this too, Ceres! Get out of that asteroid belt and get to being your own planet! You totally don’t need to have that whole “Dwarf Planet” label limiting your career options either! You deserve to be a planet just as much as all the others. You and Pluto should totally take back your planetary titles!

So spread the word guys! I know there’s lots of smaller planets out there who have been shamed into obscurity by our bigoted, anti-dwarf-planet scientists! Rise up! In less than a year we’ll be gone and you can all come into your own and be the best planets you can be!

Here’s to 2013! The year of the dwarves! WOO HOO! :D

Happy New Year, Everyone! :D

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