Friday, February 3, 2012

Facebook Friends #5

It has been so long since my last Facebook Friends post! Over a month now! School has been taking up so much of my time that I haven’t had time to just sit down and write anything for fun. I’ve actually been working on this post since before I wrote the holiday one, but with school taking up most of my “Free” time, I haven’t gotten around to finishing it. I try to get around 20 statuses per post, so it can take awhile. Last night I decided that I would finish this one off, so I sat down and came up with the last few statuses I needed, and in the process I came up with a couple new characters. Enjoy. :)

Joyful Exclamations How’s everyone’s day? Mine has been amazing!
Lurking Liker Likes This

Rainbow Sunshine Yes, it has been a good day so far. I think I’m going to make some coffee. :)
Joyful Exclamations COFFEE!!!! I’m comin’ over to your place!!!! :D

Nosey NellieDoes NE1 know who that guy was that Lindsey was with?! Sum1 txt me!!!
Vaguely McDramaPants That was her cousin.
Nosey Nellie Whaat?? That is so not juicy. :(
Nosey Nellie NE1 hav NE GOOD gossip?

Frankie Sportsfreak
I think I just had a deeply spiritual moment! This is just so beautiful!

Fanny LuvSports Likes This
Fanny LuvSports It’s just so inspiring! Tears! :’)

T. M. InfoWHHOOOOIEEEE!!! NObody go into the bathroom at McDonalds! I was just in there. You may not get out alive!
Mrs. Info OH MY HEAVENS! THOMAS MICHAEL! Please excuse my son! I tried and tried to teach him manners as a child. I bought multiple etiquette books, but he built a bike ramp out of them, flew 20 feet, and hit his head. After that it was useless.

Ima Bean

Ima Bean

Ima Bean

Ima Bean Mwa ha ha!!! MWA HA HA!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*High-Pitched Screaming Cackle* MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

Lorie LuvvieI miss my Sweetie Muffie Wuffie Googly-Pie SO SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!
David Duvvie I miss my Puddin’ Patch Cookie Crumbsie Wumbsie more than a three legged puppy misses his tummy rubs when his owner leaves for a four week vacation which turns into three months because he loved it so much in the Bahamas that he just decided to stay there and forgot all about that poor puppy who is lying alone and friendless in his dog house, weeping softly to himself!
Lorenzo Literate Wow. This just reached a new level of creepy weird for all of us.

Ferdie Foodie
7 Quarter Pounders WITH fries in less than 5 minutes? I totally did! My life is complete!
Gloom Lyrical The voices of the innocent cattle cry out from beyond the grave, “Why? Why must we perish for the gluttony of one?”
Ferdie Foodie Cause they taste awesome! Lets eat more cows everyone!
Gloom Lyrical The vegan lifestyle is the only way one can ever achieve harmony with nature. My heart breaks for the needless slaughter of all the beautiful creatures on earth.
Ferdie Foodie. Well MY heart breaks for all the poor people like you who will never know the joy of a fresh, meaty, charcoal-grilled steak! Wait, no it doesn’t! MORE BEEF FOR ME! :D

Mitch Morebuff
Muscles rule! I love them! I feel so bad for whoever doesn’t have any! Like, Pretty much everyone else reading this!
Patrick PurePecs Likes This
Marty McMacho Dude! I SO know what you mean! If my muscles were girls, I would SO date them.
Lorenzo Literate Wow. Not even gonna touch that one.

Mamma Frazzled
Does anyone have any tips on removing tie-dye, ketchup, blue toilet bowl cleaner, oil paints, and something green and chunky from a 400 year old heirloom wedding dress?
Lurking Liker Likes This
Lorenzo Literate
A flame thrower.
Grammie Happy Oh No! Not my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Beatrice the Second, High Queen of Grand Slovikistan’s custom designed royal wedding gown! Oh, well. Kids will be kids. I  photo Heart-1_zps3ea61900.png them SO much! :)

Katie Catlover Today I was petting one of my long-haired purr-babies for the longest time, and she was so well behaved! She just sat beside me and didn’t move at all! I decided to pick her up for a cuddle and I realized that all this time she was just an armrest on my couch! LOL! Time to get out the lint roller!
Lorenzo Literate I have only one word. Nay, one syllable. Ew.

Sally Sharitall Shared “I Totally Just made this random facebook page for no reason whatsoever’s photo.

Angry McToiletMouth Likes This
Izzy Illiterate BAHAHAHAHA!!! luv Ths!!!!

Whiney McDramaPantsI ate beans!!!!! it tha best! Chees is too!!!
Lurking Liker and Ima Bean Like This

Roxy Repost
Dose anyone actually reads my posts? Let's see who reads this entirely...leave me a one-word comment describing me that starts with the third to last letter of your first name- it can only be one word. then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you and don't just post a word and not copy!!! Do it!!!! my incredibly fragile self esteem depends on this!!!!! if you don’t, I will spiral into a deep depression from which there is no hope of escape!!!
Lorenzo Literate Needy. And no, I will not be reposting.
Ima Bean Five Hundred Forty Seven!!! And a half!!!!!
Izzy Illiterate O wow! so hard because im a z!!! I don’t know what to do! I’ll just do my last name instead because then im a!!! and yor awsum!!!! And ill repost for U!!!

Izzy Illiterate
Dose anyone actually reads my posts? Let's see who reads this entirely...leave me a one-word comment describing me that starts with the third to last letter of your first name- it can only be one word. then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you and don't just post a word and not copy!!! Do it!!!! my incredibly fragile self esteem depends on this!!!!! if you don’t, I will spiral into a deep depression from which there is no hope of escape!!!
Roxy Repost Opulent! I don’t know what it meens, but it sounds so nice! And your so nice!
Ima Bean PORK RINDS!!!!!
Lorenzo Literate Nonplussed
Izzy Illiterate HA HA! Tht so TRU!!! I am so bad at math!
Lorenzo Literate Thank you for proving my point.
Izzy Illiterate Wut? U dont mak any cence sumtims.

G. O. Pachyderm
So few good candidates left. The left sure made short work of them. By November I’m sure we’ll be stuck voting for yet another RINO.
R. W. Republicrazy Likes this
R. W. Republicrazy So true! We need to make sure to spread the word that Amy Colton is the best and that our country is DOOMED if she doesn’t get in!!!!!
Lefty T. Parrot Amy Colton is the biggest idiot the world has ever seen! If she gets in, the entire country will die of stupid!!!!
Rabid Liberal It won’t die of stupid. We’ll just have four years of belly laughs at how stupid she is! She’s so dumb she’d make a head of cabbage look intelligent!
R. W. Republicrazy This proves how brainwashed you liberals are! She’s positively brilliant! She could eat old “Goat Beard” for breakfast in a debate!
R. W. Republicrazy Wow! It took you two whole posts to play the race card!Bravo! Such constraint!
Lefty T. Parrot YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angry McToiletMouth Likes This

Vaguely McDramaPants
Lurking Liker and Ima Bean Like This
Vaguely McDramaPants This is a notice for Gavin McDramaPants. Prepare for certain death.
Whiney McDramaPants hehehe dont leev yor fasebok oppin!!!
Vaguely McDramaPants You should talk, he got you too.

Whiney McDramaPants WHAT!? NO! I didn’t rite that! I spel way better then that! GAVIN!!!!! STAY OFFF MY COMPUTER!!!!!

BB Tween
Marty McMacho You LIKE Jason Weiner? He sounds like a toddler with laryngitis. He’s like the worst singer in the history of bad singers.
BB Tween Shut up, Marty. Go sniff a protein shake.
Gloom Lyrical If you want actual GOOD music, you should listen to the Morose Ravens. Their poetic lyrics just speak directly to my soul, and I just want to weep every time I hear them. So beautiful!
BB Tween They make me want to weep too! Weep from the pain they cause my ears!!! They’re only the most depressing band in history!!! EW!!!
Gloom Lyrical They’re just too deep for your kind.
BB Tween They’re not deep enough! Someone get a backhoe and bury them deeper!

Winston Q. Eyeglasses
How DARE Luke Georgia re-re-release The Chronicles of Space Wars in 3D!!!! The Original was the sacred holy grail of all space opera! This updated special effects version is a complete sellout and makes mockery of all that was awesome about the original!!! BOYCOTT ALL 3D MOVIES!!!!

Joy Lyrical
I can’t wait to be old! :D

Lurking Liker Likes This
Grammy Happy Hey! I resemble that remark! :)
Gladys Grizzle I’m not sure if I should be offended or not…
Joyful Exclamations Take it as a complement, Gladys! You’re awesome!
Gladys Grizzle Thanks, Dear. :)

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