Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Much Stuff…

I have been neglecting my blog lately. I have quite a bit I’ve been meaning to write about but school has gotten in the way. My Design 2 class has kept me very busy working on my Beanie Baby project that I showed you a glimpse of the other day. I finished that project and turned it in today, so I hope to get that on my blog soon. In my Digital Drawing class I haven’t been quite as busy, mainly because I’ve gotten everything done in class. I will have to export a few of those files into publishable pictures so you can see what I have made there as well. Aside from my Beanie Baby project, the class that has kept me the most busy has been my online graphic Design class. There are so many projects in there that it’s kind of ridiculous. They are all pretty fun though, so it’s not like I’m miserable doing them, it’s just kind of hard to juggle everything sometimes. One of these days when I get some free time I’ll make all those files into images so I can share them here as well. My last class is my Painting 2 class, and of course I’m having fun with that. I have some sketches that I will scan into my computer to share one of these times, but the paintings themselves will have to wait until I get them back at the end of the semester.

Speaking of paintings… I have not yet shared the ones I did LAST semester! Today I finally got them all out and took pictures of them, so as soon as I get them ready I will be sharing them on my blog. For now I will share a couple of the early ones with you, and hopefully I’ll get the rest up by tomorrow. We’ll see what happens with my Graphic Design class. I still have a lot to work on for that one.

These were the first “Two” paintings I did. They are color studies of an orange and a stool. You may have seen the orange already, as I took a picture of it the week after I painted it.

Art '11 012        Art '11 011

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