Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Two Paintings

These last two paintings took me the longest to do because I put so much detail into them. First I will show you the whole painting, then the details so you can better see what all is in them.

Art '11 001

For this first painting the assignment was to paint a surrealist painting, so I decided to do a seascape where the birds were swimming, and the fish were flying, with a few other backwards details thrown in for good measure.

Art '11 018

Such as an octopus climbing a tree and seahorses hanging like bats.

Art '11 019

Flying Jellyfish

Art '11 020

And flying penguins. :)

Art '11 021

I also did a forest of sharks. :)

Art '11 023

For the birds, I did cardinals in coral,

Art '11 024

Along with Canada Geese and Ostriches

Art '11 022

And probably my favorite part, a Barn Owl. :)

Our final painting was to be based on a famous painting, but we were to give it a modern twist. I chose “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat.


And for my “Modern Twist, I made it into a parody of the Apple Advertisements that have a silhouette against a solid colored background, with almost no other detail besides the iPod and ear buds.

Art '11 034

As you can see I added some iPads as well.

Art '11 025

Art '11 026

Art '11 028

Art '11 029

I moved all the animals so that I could paint them better. It’s difficult to show two silhouettes if one is in front of another.

I remedied that here though.

Art '11 032Art '11 033

Art '11 030

Art '11 036Art '11 035

And that concludes my paintings from last semester. Hopefully I’ll get this semester’s up a bit sooner… :)


  1. I love both of them! Lots of fun little details....that seems really hard to do with a painting. You going to enter any in the fair?

  2. I've thought about it, but the rules are too strict on how they need to be mounted. I'd need to have them professionally done, and that would cost more money than it's worth right now. :(