Sunday, July 8, 2012

A "Brave" Trip

Last month Joel and I went with our cousins Shaina and Sasha, and a group of our friends to Omaha to see the movie Brave. This post is not about the movie, but about our adventures on the way to the movie. If you want to read about the movie, you can read my review HERE.

We started out the trip at Robert and Rachel's house. Alex was working until 5, so while we waited for her, we played one of our favorite games, Apples to Apples. If you've never played the game before, you really need to. It is so fun, and absolutely hilarious when played with a big group of friends.

At five we left for the city, but on the way we stopped at school. Joel and my art gallery was hanging in the art studio there, and we wanted our friends to see it. If you haven't yet seen the gallery pictures I posted, you can find them HERE.

When we got there, the studio was locked, and neither of our cards would open the door. Joel's card was supposed to have been activated so we could get in, but apparently it hadn't been. While Joel tried to get campus security on the phone to see if someone could let us in, the rest of us walked around and visited, and Rachel took some pictures of us.

Ultimately Joel was unable to contact anyone. We actually started to leave, but as we headed for the door, two housekeepers walked in, and I could see that they had key cards. I'm not really sure they knew a lot of English, but we managed to communicate to them that we needed into the studio, and they let us in. I believe in divine intervention, and I'm sure that God sent them there at that exact moment to help us. :)

Our teacher had known we were coming, and had set up the display lights so that we could illuminate our artwork better than just turning on the overhead lights. It looked so amazing. :)

Robert found my humor to be a little disturbing. :p

After our tour of the gallery, it was a little later than we had planned. It had taken quite awhile to actually get into the room, and we were already later than we had wanted to be. We were in two vehicles and Robert and Rachel knew the way to the theater, so we followed them. What we hadn't expected was the HUGE amount of people in the city and the numerous detours that we'd have to take because, as it turned out, the College World Series was taking place at the exact same time. I'm so glad I wasn't the one driving. Poor Joel. Eventually we realized that there was no way we were going to make it to the movie in time, so we decided to go eat supper and then try to find a theater with a later showing.

We had been planning to eat at a restaurant called Spaghetti Works. Finding that in all the mayhem was another chore. After a lengthy episode of losing sight of Robert, getting lost, and going completely in the wrong direction, we finally found a place to park in a parking garage. Thank goodness for cell phones, because we'd probably still be driving around Omaha lost if we didn't have a way to contact Robert.

It took us so long to find our way back, that Rachel and the girls went ahead and got us a table in the restaurant, while Robert waited for us to find him. By the time we got there everyone was starving, but the food was so good it made it worth all the trouble. :) Italian food is my favorite kind of food. If someone serves pretty much any kind of pasta, I'm in heaven. :)

It was so nice to relax after the stress-filled night. We had a lot of fun just visiting and eating.

Robert can be such a clown sometimes. :)

Eventually we decided that it was getting late enough that we should head for the theater. But after we left it became apparent that it was not going to be that easy. We ran into the same problems as before. The routs that Robert and Rachel knew were blocked off, and the longer we drove, the later it got. I began to wonder if we were even going to get to see the movie that night.

Thankfully, Alex had a cell phone with internet and was able to look up theaters and showtimes. We eventually got to one of the last showings of the night at a theater called "Rave" at about 10 o'clock.

The movie was so good. It made the whole stressful night worth it. Even though it was not so fun driving around lost, I wouldn't go back and do it any other way. Sure, it would be nice if life was always easy, and nothing ever went wrong, but such a life would eventually get boring. And if you're going to get lost in a big city, it's best if you get lost with your friends. Even a completely stressful night can be made better when you have people you care about to share the experience with. :)

That being said, I never want to go to Omaha during the College World Series again! :p

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  1. Sometimes the best adventures happen "along the way". Glad it all turned out good in the end ~