Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dubstep - Love It or Hate It?

Dubstep seems to be one of those polarizing forms of music. One usually either loves or hates it. I'm probably a rare case because I am on the fence. I don't hate or love it. I can definitely see why people hate it. At first it can be mistaken for techno, which I do not hate, but as it goes on, it just gets weird, and usually dissolves into something that can barely be called music. It usually sounds more like some bicycle chains and a small army of piglets getting caught in the cogs of a giant automobile factory's assembly line. However, it is interesting to watch people dance to it.

As I said, I am on the fence. Why? Normally I would probably be on the hating side. There is nothing about it that makes me WANT to listen to it. I like techno and electronic music that makes me feel like moving or just brightens my mood. Like Owl City :) Something that has an exciting or just happy feel to it, and Dubstep has neither. Why then am I still on the fence? Lindsey Stirling, that's why.

I realize, that this still isn't enough to make a lot of people like Dubstep, but for me it has at least made me tolerate it in hopes that it gets better. I can see the potential. When paired with the violin, and used in a cool video, it becomes so much more tolerable. Plus I just love Lindsey Stirling and I don't think she could do anything that I would hate. :p

Dubstep in and of itself is still quite annoying though, and there is no way that I would choose to listen to it on its own without a video accompanying it. This video that my brother shared on Facebook the other day pretty much sums up what plain old Dubstep sounds like. It was SO funny. I've watched it three times in a row tonight, and I just can't stop laughing.

It's a good thing I don't have a respiratory disease, or I'd probably have some kind of an attack from laughing too hard.

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