Monday, September 10, 2012

Conspiracy Falls

You probably recall recently that I wrote about my new favorite TV show, Gravity Falls. Well, according to conspiracy theorists, I am now being influenced by the Illuminati.

When I really like something like a Movie, or a TV show, I like to learn about what goes into creating it, so I was researching Gravity Falls. As I searched, I came across a conspiracy theory website that claims that the Illuminati is brainwashing children into accepting their control by planting subliminal messages in Gravity Falls so that they will accept them when they take over the world. The person who wrote the article had gone over the opening credits and the first episode frame by frame and found a bunch of Illuminati and Masonic symbols. Mainly the All-Seeing-Eye, from the back of the US one dollar bill.

They claim that Grunkle Stan is a Mason because he wears a Fez like the Shriners. This may actually be true, because in one episode he claims that "The boys at the lodge" wouldn't go fishing with him because "They don't 'like' or 'trust' me." But even if "The Lodge" is a Masonic Lodge, and he is supposed to be a Mason, that doesn't mean that the Illuminati are using his character to send subliminal messages to children. In fact, if they really are, they are doing their own cult a whole lot more harm than good.

Grunkle Stan is a terrible role-model. He's usually portrayed as a buffoon, and he could even be considered a criminal for a variety of less than legal things he has done. Fleecing tourists, counterfeiting money, robbing a garage sale, forging safety inspection certificates. Not someone you would want as an ambassador of your organization.

He is also extremely lazy, to the point that in one episode he wouldn't even get off the couch to change the channel. The TV announced that he was watching the "Black-And-White-Period-Piece-Old-Lady-Boring-Movie-Channel." and he just sat there, screaming in horror for Dipper and Mable to change the channel because he couldn't find the remote. The kids weren't even home, so when they didn't come, he ended up watching the movie anyway, sobbing loudly over the romantic drama that he had so desperately wanted to avoid.

If anyone who is the least bit familiar with the Illuminati watched the show, they would be able to tell that it is not promoting them, but that it's completely lampooning them. Saying this show is a tool of the New World Order, is like saying that South Park is a tool of churches to convert new followers.

It got worse as I started reading the comments section under the article. (Yeah I know, comments section, big mistake) None of these people had ever watched a single episode for themselves, and they based their conclusions on the 10 or so screen-shots provided by the Cuckoo-Clock that wrote the article. One terrified reader said "Oh. No! My cousin loves this show! I'm gonna go tell her the creator is a Satan worshiper!"

One of the commenters claimed that Grunkle Stan's name probably came from Satan. Apparently, because some ancient languages leave out the vowels, Stan actually is SA-tan. This made me laugh, because I know where the name Stan came from. Unless Alex Hirsch's Grandpa was named for Satan, that argument falls flat on its face.

In the show Mable always wears a different crazy sweater in every episode. Cat sweaters, star sweaters, mushroom sweaters, heart sweaters, nothing most normal people would wear. In the opening credits she is seen plugging in an electric sweater decorated with her name, stars, and a rainbow that all light up. The conspiracy theorists claim that she is using, and I quote, "Over the rainbow elecroshock mind control programming." End Quote.

One person thought that seeing a sign for $20 and the number 15 on another sign soon after, meant that something big would happen (In real life) in the year 2015, while another thought that the $ Dollar sign shaped like an S, an Eyeball shaped like an O, and the first letter of the word Sale, stood for SOS and that stood for Synagogue of Satan. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

Eventually I had to quit reading. I could almost feel my IQ dropping as I read their ridiculous theories about the show. These poor people are so paranoid and delusional! They obviously can't think for themselves, and they rely on fear-mongers to do their thinking for them. How they function in the real world without collapsing into a quivering ball of terror is beyond me.

This show is all about the weird and unexplained, and the Illuminati definitely fit into that category. If everyone who believed in conspiracy theories would learn how to think for themselves, they would see just how funny this show is and how well it spoofs everything they're afraid of. But if conspiracy theorists could think for themselves, they probably wouldn't be conspiracy theorists any more, would they? :p


  1. You would be surprised where I see all the symbolic images.. It freaks me out a little. However, I have no doubt that the use media to influence. This is both fully and not.. Some things are pretty ridicules as you stated but other things are quite subliminal. This is a great post tho, it always makes you think what are you really watching or listening too.

  2. Most of the time "Symbolic Images" are in jokes from the animators. Usually just for each other, and probably not meant to be understood by people not "In the know." Paranoid people see them, don't know what they mean, and freak out imagining them to be evil or something. People fear what they don't understand, it's human nature. Some people are just completely wackadoodle though. :p

    These days there are a lot of "Symbolic Images" in cartoons, put there specifically for hard core fans to find. Most people, again, would have no idea what they meant. Again, the wackadoodles freak out about them. That would be the case with Gravity Falls. All the hidden images are there for people to find. Sort of like an Easter egg hunt for nerds. :p