Monday, September 3, 2012

U Spel bad 2

Facebook, YouTube’s comment sections, and just texting in general, bring out the worst spellers.

In this blog post I am continuing to collect actual examples of grammar destruction that I found all over the internet.

Most of the intended words have been capitalized in bold, otherwise you'd never know what they had tried to spell.


Maybe this isn't a misspelling. Maybe this is a heretofore unknown competition, where people with disabilities hobble around a track and try not to fall over.
(No disrespect intended for actual Paralympic competitors, this misspelling just gave me an amusing mental image, and I felt the need to share. :p)


PEOPLE who know how to use spell check probably mock you behind your back.


Written on a picture from someone's 21st birthday party to explain what was in the young woman's glass. Actually, perhaps this misspelling was deliberate... The person in the photo didn't exactly look like she was the picture of health...


I'll give you a PONY if you go back to Kindergarten.


Your spelling teacher thinks you are a TRAITOR for skipping out on every one of her her classes.


Whoever wrote it must be pretty STUPID. This was all that was left as a comment. No capitalization, no punctuation, no sentence, nothing. Quite sad. Pretty soon comments will consist of people just grunting and pounding a fist on their keyboards once before hitting reply.


Your spell check may have told you this was correct, but that is not what shoots out of they sky during a storm...


Sometimes I wonder if people just spell things this idiotically on purpose...


What is that? Half Unicorn, half Manticore? Please spell-check.


If there is SAFETY in numbers, you should find the rest of the people who helped make this list and stick with them.


What the...? Is this supposed to be about a kingdom of male pigs, or do you really not know how to spell BOREDOM?

I'd PROBABLY make fun of this word more if the sound of it didn't make me laugh so much. :D


If you have no idea how to spell CONTINUUM, then you shouldn't pretend you do. Look it up, or you look like a 7 year-old.

Miss Leading

Quit MISLEADING people. There is no pageant for a typography queen.

Grate Grandmother

You Monster!!! Why would you do such a sick, horrible thing to your own Grandma?!


I'd rite how rong what you rote was, but you recked my brain with your dumb.


Proofreading WOULD have saved you from looking like a dingus.


I'm sorry, but just because spell check lets you get by with it, doesn't mean you spelled Blood VEIN correctly.


You have no right to call anyone RETARDED when you can't even spell it correctly.


I think you meant to say you WOLFED down your food. Spell it that way and you just sound terarded.

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