Saturday, September 1, 2012


At Hy-Vee, there is a group of old men that come in almost every afternoon and buy tons of lottery tickets and sit around a table in the cafeteria talking and scratching their tickets. Occasionally one of them will happily show the others that he won 50 cents, or even more rarely a dollar or two, but usually it is a rather boring conversation. Every few minutes one will go back to customer service to buy more tickets, or turn in some winners.

If I buy my lunch at work, I can usually hear them talking. Mostly they talk about politics, and how terrible Obama is. Today their conversation was more of the same. Complaining about gas prices, Obama, and whatever else they had to be sour about. For the most part today though, they were complaining about how much money Michelle Obama wastes.

I'm not going to argue with them, it does seem as though she loves her parties and traveling, but I still had to laugh to myself over the irony of the group complaining about how wasteful she is, all while they made several trips to and from the lottery machines spending more and more money, and getting nothing in return except for pieces of paper that ended up in the trash.

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