Monday, August 27, 2012

Odd Numbers

Today on The Pioneer Woman's blog she was writing about stocking up on groceries and she posted a picture of a package of meat that she had gotten.

I thought her reaction was really funny, and it got me to thinking about the numbers I encounter in my life as a grocery checker.

Weird number combinations happen to me at the store all the time, every day. I'll usually get at least one, if not two orders a day with no change. For example an order will total out to $88 or just $15. Seemingly stranger, but not any rarer, I'll get something where the dollars and the change are the same. Like, $24.24. Or even palindrome numbers, like $34.43. Sometimes I'll get all the same too, such as $55.55, or $111.11. At first these number things were really odd, but now they seem normal to me. I still think it's cool when they happen though.

For the average shopper, these combinations are probably really rare, and if they get them, a more superstitious person might see them as a sign. Maybe as a sign from God, or something more sinister. I laugh to myself when I ring up an order and the result is exactly $6.66, but I'm still waiting for the day when someone freaks out. Someone told me once that they rang up someone's order and when it totaled out to $6.66 they refused to pay. They insisted on the checker just adding to the price because they did not want to pay "The number of the Beast."

Since I see so many prices in one day, it's much more probable that I'll get interesting results. So I really don't see any of this as any sort of a "Sign," from God or otherwise. It's just a statistical probability that every once in awhile something that looks unique will come up. When you think about it logically,  $176.32 is not really any more special than $222.22. It's just that one tends to catch your eye more and you see something special, even though it really isn't any rarer than the first one. They are both unique, one of a kind numbers.

Next time you go to the store, look at your receipt, and see how much you paid. It doesn't matter how much it was. The price you see is unique to you, no matter if it comes out to $3.54 or $6.66. The only difference between them is that Satan will roast you if you end up with three 6's. Just kidding. >:D (Maybe. :p)

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